What have you done... for yourself!?

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What have you done... for yourself!?

We sometimes forget to treat ourselves when we're chasing after LOs... so what have you bought for yourself lately?

Or maybe not even bought, but treated yourself to? Have you taken a long, hot bubble bath lately??

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Absolutely nothing! And that is so sad to admit.

I think tonight I am going to treat myself to a nice bubble bath after DS goes to bed. Smile

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My mom had both kids last Friday since I had to work. Saturday morning I got a pedicure. Very relaxing and very nice not to have think chasing the kids for a few hours.

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I read this chic's blog and she was just posting about this last night... No such thing as "me time!"

Seriously, I try to arrange about once a week or so that I go to the store without my little rats in tow. (Grocery shopping, not to the mall, please who has time / money for that!)

That's about it.

One day (sigh) when my monsters are in school I'm going to enroll in Yoga... I used to be pretty big into that, but that all stopped once I got pregnant (in December 2007!!!) and we started cutting costs.

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I have been thinking about this alot lately. My me time is when I go to work...it sounds strange but I get much more out of work than just money. When I am at work I am me, not someone's mum/wife/daughter etc. I also get to really challenge my brain (more so lately as my work environment is not as 'friendly' as it once was). I feel guilty if others are looking after my darlings for other reasons (I try to organise haircuts etc, when their father can have time with the children) That said I am VERY lucky to have wonderful parents who would still my children away from me at any chance Smile

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Well, in February '10 I started running again. I used to run many years ago. I hadn't run much since getting pg with Matt in '07. I started with the couch to 5k plan from coolrunning.com. It's a 9 week program to take you from 0 to running about a 5k (3.1 miles). I've been running regularly ever since and have my first ever half marathon this weekend. Happy Mother's Day to me!

Honestly, running has been the BEST gift I could give myself. I try to run during my lunch hr or before work, although I've had to do my long training runs on weekends. I try to not have it impact my kid time that much, but it does cut into it a little. But it's MY TIME. I can listen to whatever music I want (If I choose to, which I don't often), so if I want to hear something that's not kid-friendly, perfect. The thought that you cannot take care of others as well if you don't take care of yourself is very true. Since I've been working out regularly again, I am a more patient person...a better mother, employee, friend, etc. I am able to think more clearly and remain a bit more level-headed. I've also learned a lot about self-discipline and patience. Running not only helps me physically, but mentally. I am a better person when I run regularly. Plus, I'm teaching my kids that exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. I like that, especially having a daughter who inevitable have to deal with body image concerns at some point in her life.
So yeah...running...it's my gift to myself and to my family. Cute running skirts don't hurt either. Wink

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I don't like to run much since I got out of the Army, but i might try that, Hooch!