"What are you thankful for?"

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"What are you thankful for?"

Hi all,

We need your help asap! We're currently gathering quotes from members of various groups onsite for an upcoming feature article in November! As we (in the U.S. -- but everyone is welcome to participate!), prepare for Thanksgiving, many tend to reflect on the past year as well as their future... to focus on those things for which we appreciate (even if that for which we are grateful was strength to face those challenging times.) Some call it "counting your blessings"; others "take inventory of the positives."

What are you most thankful for this year? Share now as many as you'd like!

If preferred, you may email your list directly to me at [email]missyj@pregnancy.org[/email].

Thanks in advance for your help! (I'll be putting you on *my* list of what I'm most thankful for!!)


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I am thankful for a healthy, happy baby (obviously!) who is eager to learn, eager to please, and excited to be part of this world!

I am thankful for the rights we as US citizens are granted, and for the people who fight to ensure we keep those rights.

I am thankful for our foreign neighbors and friends who come here to live with us and share their culture with us, as well as share our culture.