12 Week Ultrasound - LATE

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12 Week Ultrasound - LATE

We had our 12 week ultrasound yesterday - a week late. Everything looks good! Yay. Heartbeat is 154 bpm. No hint of gender yet and my doctor won't budge on the 20 weeks, sigh. I measured at 14 weeks.

My next appointment will be with the OB so he can decide if he wants to change the due date or not - right now I am still due 8/27/12 but my c-section will likely be on 8/21/12. She also said my cervix was shortening... so I'll probably have to be checked pretty frequently for the remainder of the pregnancy. Sad When I meet with the OB he will decide what he wants to do if anything. My appointment is March 20th!

It's going to kill me to wait 7 weeks for a gender scan. Sad I am hoping DH can get his aunt to do one in about 3-4 weeks.

I'll post pictures of the u/s soon.

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Sounds like a good US. I hope the issues with your cervix go well--at least they are keeping an eye on things.

I have to wait until 20 weeks for my gender scan, and it's killing me!!! It seems like everyone else (on this board and others I visit) is finding out already. The sonographer wouldn't give us even a guess at my 12 week u/s. I really have no preference for gender but I just can't wait to know!

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I can't wait to see the pictures! Smile

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I know I got to upload them! I'm slow going. But I did get good news that we are going to be able to find out the gender on March 7th!!