12 Weeks!!

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12 Weeks!!

Well, I hit 12 weeks today which is very exciting! I know I'm not quite out of the 1st trimester, but I consider it a milestone because my OB told me that once I hit 12 weeks since I have such a great pregnancy history, my change of having a miscarriage is probably less than 5%!! YAY! It's so nice to know that our LO is basically out of the woods, now!

And the best part is that my ALL DAY morning sickness is SO much better. I managed to stop taking my Zofran last week, which GREATLY improved my other problems (READ: ridiculously bad constipation which was causing bowel obstructions and I would spend nights doing nothing but sitting on the toilet in horrible pain and throwing up over and over!). I still feel crappy at night, usually starting around 6pm, but last night I managed to MAKE dinner for my family AND eat it! Well, most of it, anyway... lol And this morning I was able to get out of bed, get ready for work, and ride the bus for my hour-long commute, all without feeling nauseous at all! Every day is like 100% better than the last, and I am starting to feel human again.

I'm still HORRIBLY tired all the time, especially at night... Last night by 9:30 I was miserable from being so tired. I'm hoping that goes away soon, but if not, THAT is something that I can live with, at least!

Anyway, I was just excited, so I wanted to share... LOL

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YEA!!! Happy 12 weeks!!!! Glad you are starting to feel better! I feel your pain about the tiredness, i was falling asleep at 8:30 last night lol

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Congrats on making it to the 12 week mark!! I have found that I have a bit more energy during the day, but by night time I am drained.

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Happy 12 weeks! It'll be so nice once we're all out of the 1st trimester!

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Yay!! Congratulations! I will be there in about.... 5 days!!! Yay!!

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Happy 12 weeks! (Oh and I hear you on the zofran constipation! Dear GOD!)

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Yay for making it to 12 weeks. Totally understand the tiredness! by the time my head hits the pillow I am out.