33 Week Appointment (GTT Results Included)

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33 Week Appointment (GTT Results Included)

Woohoo!!! Got a gold star at my appointment!! All my blood work came back perfect (no gestational diabetes and no anemia), my weight and blood pressure are EXCELLENT and Sophia is turned head down and hanging out on the left side which my midwife said is ideal . So now she just needs to stay put until it is time to make her debut! Im supposed to start counting kicks now and I just can't believe that the week of July 17th is my safety zone! That will be 38 weeks for us and she will be clear for landing! OMG! My appointments are every two weeks now and I was sooo happy to hear that! I love going to my midwife appointments and hearing that little heartbeat! AHHHHH!!! EXCITING!!! We've pretty much got everything we need for her here and ready to go, just adding little things between now and then (a pacifier here, a pack of diapers there). Sophia's birth bag is all packed up and start of July I will pack mine and DHs. Getting down to the wire ladies!

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Congrats on a great appointment! I've been seeing my OB every two weeks since 28 weeks, so I understand how exciting it is! Actually, after my next appointment, I go to every week! :eek:

I need to get on that bag packing thing... *sigh*

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Great news! You are getting so close and I am right behind you. So exciting!

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I'm happy you got all good news. I know. I can't believe how fast it has gone. We are getting everything together and put up for the baby, doing his laundry and such. More and more July babies keep popping out too!

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YAY for great appointments! Smile I started the two weeks appointments after my 28 week appointment, as well! It makes it feel so real and that everything is that much closer! It's exciting!