33 Week Appt last week

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33 Week Appt last week

So I had my 33 week appointment last week. Everything looked fantastic as usual! YAY! Baby is head down as I suspected, which is a huge weight off my shoulders. HB was 144 (first time I've ever had a HB count, so not sure how it's significant....) and my uterus is measuring 2 weeks ahead, but that doesn't surprise me since I'm overweight, so the measurements are always off.

I'm now up a total of like 10 lbs. for the pregnancy, and BP was perfect. The NP checked my cervix and said I was still long and closed.

I gave her my birth plan to put in my chart and we talked about L&D - she seemed to think that everything in my plan was reasonable and doable, so that's awesome. Smile

All in all, a good check up. One more appointment in 2 weeks, and then it's on to the weekly appointments! EEK!

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Great update! And awesome that your baby is already head down. Smile

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Glad it was such a great appt! It's always nice to know that they are doing what the should be. I've got my last 2 week appt on tues and then it's every week! I can't believe we are all almost there!!!!!!!