34 Week Appointment

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34 Week Appointment

I thought I'd provide a little update!

I had my 34 week appointment yesterday... BP was low this time (98/46); but, the doctor didn't seem concerned and said she'd prefer it low than high. I'm measuring exactly 34 weeks and have been measuring perfectly the entire time! The baby's heart beat was 135. I have been having sore feet (the soles, mainly) and she said it's probably a bit of fluid retention and just told me to keep hydrated and my feet up as much as I can.

The biggest thing for me is that the baby is still breech! I have an ultrasound this coming week to double check on position and, if still breech at my 36 week appointment, she wants to book the c-section just in case it's necessary. I'm really hoping the baby decides to turn between now and then! I'll also have the GBS swab at the 36 week appointment.

Today, I've started having a lot of pressure/tightness and it's causing aches in my hips and pelvis. Could this be a sign of the baby trying to flip? Could it mean he's a little lower (even though I can't really see it when I look in the mirror)? Is it a sign of something else?

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I wouldn't worry about baby being breech at this point. This is the first time baby hasn't bee breech (or transverse)at this point in pregnancy. Baby can easily flip as late as during labour. Have you considered, rather than scheduling a c-section, finding someone who is trained in breech birth? It's another option, and you have time to find them at this point.

Personally, I've had two babies flip in week 36-37 and they've both been born in that time period too (37wk and 37wk5d).

Have you tried visualisation, and the whole "spinning-babies" web page? googls it for more info on ways that work to get baby to flip.

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Glad your appointment went well!!

I really wouldn't worry about baby being head down (easier said than done, right?). At your next appointment refuse to schedule a c-section if you don't want one. They generally book them for 38 or 39 weeks, but baby has PLENTY of time to move between then and delivery. It's been said before: babies can move head down during labour!
If I were you, I'd refuse to book a c-section, if your OB isn't comfortable with that then I would ask for a referral to someone who is. There's no reason why you can't go into labour naturally and see how things are from there.

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Definitely check out the spinningbabies website. And I would suggest asking your DR about an external version before scheduling a c-sec. Good luck and like the others said there is still time for baby turn on its own.

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I agree with the others - it sounds like your OB has jumped straight to the c-section before even considering trying to turn your baby! There are a ton of resources out there to help you encourage your baby to turn head down - spinningbabies.com is the most complete. Spend lots of time on your hands and knees or draped over a birth ball. Acupressure, acupuncture and chiropractic can also help to turn your baby... As soon as I started going to see a chiropractor, my baby turned head down and has stayed that way.

Your baby has so much time, yet, to turn... if you don't have an aversion to a c-section, then maybe it's not a big deal to you. But if you would like to avoid it, at this point, I would def. refuse to schedule a c-section.

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It's definitely not something I just want to resort to because it was suggested. I declined the external version for personal reasons - I'd rather go straight to the c-section and this is what the doctor and I discussed at my last appointment. I'll definitely be trying some things on the website; however, I probably will still book the c-section in case it is necessary in the end!