34 week appointment today...went great!

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34 week appointment today...went great!

I had my 34 week appointment today and it went really well. My BP is 120/75, baby's heartbeat was around 140, and baby is also measuring at 36 weeks! So my midwife said normal, but big normal. She also said baby is currently head down, which was different from 2 weeks ago. Crossing my fingers that baby stays that way.

I have been having a lot of braxton hicks contractions and my midwife said the next two weeks are the most crucial...if I can just get to 36 weeks, then we are good. She isn't concerned if I have the baby anytime after that, but we don't want a baby before 36 weeks obviously as it is still way too soon.

I bet these BH contrax are just prepping me and I am not too concerned. I have several each day but they are usually spaced out. My only concerning time was last Wednesday on the 4th, I had one every few minutes for like 90 minutes straight and that had me concerned cause she said I shouldn't have more than 6 in one hour. So hopefully that doesn't happen again for at least 2 weeks.

Its also extra fun to go to my appointment cause my midwife is pregnant also...and its her very first baby...she is exactly 7 weeks behind me, so its really fun to see her belly growing and be excited for her also. She will be anywhere from 30-33 weeks when I have my baby so it will be funny to see how she does delivering my baby with a big belly of her own.

Anyway, have another appt. in 2 weeks and then I am every single week. Crazy!!! She also said I will do the GBS test in two weeks and do a cervical check so we will see where I am at. Smile

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How exciting! Glad everything went well!!!

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Sounds like you had a great appointment!! Biggrin Heep baking that baby!