36 week appt. today...kind of crazy results

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36 week appt. today...kind of crazy results

Hey ladies,

I finally got back from my 36 week appointment. It did not go as I thought it would go. I had to bring all 3 kids with me cause DH is working today on his usual day off...they were pretty good though. I got my GBS swab and my midwife asked me if I wanted her to check me. I figured why not since she is already doing the swab. So she checked me and its still pretty high up there...my cervix is really soft but I am only 1 centimeter dilated. That was all fine.

The shocking news was that when she measured the baby it was measuring at 40 weeks!!! She said that is really big for 36 weeks, so just to check I want you to get an ultrasound. So I was luckily able to get squeezed in this morning so I wouldn't have to come back just for that, and went to get the ultrasound.

I have never had an ultrasound past 20 weeks, so this was very new and different for me and the kids to be able to see the baby fully developed pretty much looking like he/she will look when born. It was so amazing! The baby is so adorable...nice chubby cheeks, full perfect lips, we could even see the hair on the baby's head!

So the ultrasound was pretty much right on with what my midwife measured...the baby is measuring 39 weeks, 6 days...and they usually take off 2 days...so about 39 weeks, 4 days. I also have tons of amniotic fluid which is great for the baby...but its a LOT! The ultrasound tech said the average amount of fluid is about 8 centimeters to 24 centimeters...and that being the high end...Well, my fluid is measuring 25.25 centimeters of fluid so I am even above the high end.

She is obviously not my midwife, but she said based on these results she wouldn't be surprised if my midwife wanted to induce me in the next week or so. According to the report, the baby is looking to be about 8 lbs 4 oz. already, and they said they usually take off about 1/2 a lb...so about 7 lbs 8 oz - 7 lbs 12 oz right now. If I were to go full term I could very easily have a baby as big as between 9-10 lbs.

My midwife is leaving on vacation from August 5th-12th...so if she wants to induce me before I hit 39 weeks which by then the baby will be much bigger, her only option would be to do it next week as soon as I hit 37 weeks, so we can have the baby before she leaves.

This all just has me reeling. I was not expecting this. I will have to wait until tomorrow or Friday to have them call me so we can talk about the results and see what we will do, so until then I will be kind of anxious to find out if I will possibly be having my baby as early as next week. So crazy! Anyway, just had to share. Luckily, other than the baby measuring big...everything looks great. Smile

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WOW - I could see that all being a shock! But how neat that you got to see your baby today! I'm jealous! Biggrin So are you ready to be induced? How will that affect your plans? And are you all ready for baby?? Wink

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I really did not want to be induced this time around. I was induced with my last one, DD2, and I really preferred when it all happened naturally without pitocin....I went into labor on my own with my first two. I still labor and deliver drug free with pitocin and with no pitocin, so I know I can do it...but it is harder than when it happens naturally.

I don't want to jump to any conclusions but I really can't see my midwife waiting until I am 39 weeks if size of the baby really is the issue. If I had a choice I would be induced around 38 weeks so I could see if it would happen naturally on its own...but she will be out of town that whole week so our only option really is 37 weeks or 39 weeks and to me 39 weeks is cutting it too close...the baby will be much bigger by then.

So I am guessing it will happen next week unless she isn't concerned by the report. I know a lot of times people get induced for fear of a big baby and their baby ends up being much smaller than was measured at. So I think it will ultimately be up to me and DH to decide if we want to be induced as early as next week, or if we want to wait and see if baby will come on its own.

I would like to think that I have enough faith and confidence in my body to know when it and baby are both ready, but I am scared of the idea of pushing out a big baby. My three baby's were only 6'15, 7'7, and 7'8...so I don't have very big babies normally. I don't know if I could do a 9 or 10 pounder. Its all so confusing...sigh.

As far as being ready goes, I am pretty much ready when it comes to car seat being washed, clothes being washed, burp cloths/bibs being washed, blankets being washed, nursery set up and ready, etc. The only things left to do are to clear off my end table and move into the baby's room temporarily so I can put the bassinet next to my side of the bed in our room. And also, I haven't packed any hospital bag yet. Those are the two main things I need to do. This is kind of overwhelming... But until I hear from my midwife on Friday, I will just try to relax and take it one day at a time.

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My midwife called me yesterday right before she went home. She said that they are not going to induce based on estimated size of baby so we are still going to wait and see if I go into labor naturally on my own. I am ok with that. I didn't want to be induced this time around as I was last time and it was not fun at all. I am a little nervous about delivering a bigger baby than I have in the past but I will trust my body and have faith that I can do it whenever my body and baby decide its time.

My midwifes bigger concern and also mine now is my amount of amniotic fluid. She said it isn't hurting the baby at all. Its like the baby is just chillin' in an olympic sized swimming pool since there is so much...so the baby is having a ball in there. The problem is that since my baby is still high up and has not dropped yet, if my water were to break there is a possibility that the umbilical cord could prolapse and come down before the baby...and then the baby would cut off the cord when he/she came down. That could possibly result in an emergency c-section if the baby wasn't getting proper oxygen from the cord because it was pinched or something.

So if my water breaks, she said I must come in immediately because I am considered high risk in that aspect. She said chances are that they would just monitor baby's heart beat and if things sounded good I could still have a vaginal birth. So I shouldn't freak out over this, but it still has me nervous and concerned. Instead of just worrying about a big baby I need to worry about something affecting the baby if the cord got jeopardized.

She also said that once I hit 39 weeks, if I want to talk induction I can probably do it then...unless there is a big change before then and they want to start things sooner because of my fluid...

As of right now, they want to monitor my fluid each week so I need to do weekly high stress tests to check the baby and also monitor my fluid. Sigh...I hope everything turns out okay and that I can have a natural vaginal birth with no complications to me or the baby. Prayers would be appreciated.

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Lurker- I don't usually pop in and comment on other boards but I wanted to encourage you... I have had two babies and both were big 9lb 13oz and 10lb 4oz and I had quick, natural labors and deliveries. I've also had friends who have had both normal size and large babies, and they said their larger babies' deliveries were actually (overall) easier.

I promise I'm not in any way trying to trivialize your concerns (I remember the last weeks of pregnancy being totally freaked out because the docs kept telling me how big my baby was). I just want to encourage you that it is possible. Smile I'll be cheering for you and praying that everything goes well for you and your baby.

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Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. It means a lot to me. I think I can handle a bigger baby also...I just need to get more confidence in myself. This is just so weird to me because my babies have all been smaller...so to think this baby may be much bigger is kind of a scary thought. I just hope their measurements are exaggerated and somewhat wrong. But even if they are right, I am going to try and have faith in my body to be able to handle it. Thanks again for your words. I really appreciate it. Smile

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I am in a similar situation as you. At my last appt (32 weeks) I was measuring 37 cm. I have already had one u/s (28 weeks) due to measuring large. My fluid was on the high end of normal and baby was measuring about a week big, but nothing really to point at why I am measuring so much bigger. If I continue to have a large difference in measurement at my appt this coming Monday I will be sent for another scan. I fear that my DR will want to induce or worse yet do a c-sec due to large baby. I will say that some of my babies were in the low 7 lbs and two of them were mid-8lbs....the bigger babies were some of my easiest to deliver. I hope all continues to go well for you!!

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Its hard to not know what is going to happen. But if I were you, I would stick to my guns and just wait it out. Try and go into labor naturally. That is what I am doing. If your biggest babies were only in the 8 lb range I bet you will be fine. Ultrasound measurements can be off by a couple weeks. Good luck with your baby also. Smile

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I am glad to hear that your midwife is going to let you go naturally. When I was pregnant with DS1 my doctor's ultrasound tech told me that he was 12lbs! I was so freaked out but the doctor calmed me down quickly and reminded me that the ultrasound can be off. She was off by over 5lbs. He was born at 7lbs 11oz!

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Wow! Those measurements were a huge difference. Good thing they were wrong. Yeah, I am not going to put too much stock in the ultrasound measurements...

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I never take U/S results this late in pregnancy to be accurate. every person I know that has had a sizing u/s done at the end has been of by over a lb.

I hope all goes well and I'm glad they're not inducing you and letting you get 'er done on your own Smile