37 week appt

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37 week appt

Had my ultrasound and 37 week appointment yesterday! Everything is going great, BP is still good and baby is growing great. Her heart rate was 122. The ultrasound tech said her estimated weight is 8lbs! I'm sure it's less than that but the Dr. said that she is still measuring bigger than my due date, which I suspect is true since I believe myself to be 38 weeks not 37! Did an internal check and I'm 1cm dilated! He had a hard time hearing her heartbeat clearly with the doppler but said it was because I have alot of fluid in there still. Oh and my GBS test came back negative!!

The best surprise during our ultrasound was having the tech give us a 4D pic of her face! She has some chubby cheeks!

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Yay for chubby cheeks! The excitement builds...

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AH - CUTE!! Looks like you have a nice, chubby little girl in there! Biggrin

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SO cute! Smile I love the 3D/4D pictures!

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Cute, now can't wait to see the real baby pics!