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37wk appt

Yesterday I had another appt, 37 weeks 4 days. She asked how things were going and I talked about how he's starting to move a lot less...which I figure is pretty normal right now because he's running out of room. So she opted to do an NST test. We sat there for 20 mins and he didn't move at all. So I drank a few things of juice and that got him moving some, but still not a lot. It showed I was actually having regular, time able contractions, they just aren't that strong yet, and most of them I didn't feel - none painful. (Here's hoping they get painful soon!) She then wanted to do an US to check fluids, which was fine. That's why the induced with DS1, there was almost no measurable fluid with him so they induced. Right LO is fine though, plenty of fluid for this stage in the game.

Weight and BP were both great, so they sent me home. The one thing that shocked me was she still didn't do a cervical check. With DS she started at 36 weeks and did them every week. I'm nearly 38 weeks and not one yet. No biggie really considering I could be up tight and deliver that same night, or walk around for the next 2 weeks at XXX centimeters. Just kinda curious because there are times it sure feels like there's something going on down there.

Also, my GBS test came back negative! I was positive with DS, but it wasn't a big deal since I was stuck with the IV because of my induction anyway. This time I'm really hoping to avoid the induction, and thus an IV for as long as possible since I won't need the antibiotics.

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I asked my midwife about when she does internal checks because like you, I was surprised she hadn't done one this late in the game. He pretty much said she doesn't due one until I have at least hit my due date because before then there just isn't a need unless there is a sign something is wrong. She does them after the due date to keep an eye on my progress. So that all made sense to me and hope it helps you. Like you, I'm curious as to what is going on and if there is already some progress but I'm just gonna focus on being patient.

Yay for passing your GBS test! I just did mine yesterdayand am hoping for good news at my appointment next week!

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I'm glad that everything looks good with the baby!! Biggrin You are almost there - timeable contractions are huge!

I'm not surprised they haven't checked you yet... if there are no plans for induction, and you're not even to your due date yet, there's no real reason to. The only reason I was checked so early is because I had some spotting a month ago and they wanted to make sure I was still closed up tight. And then last week they had to be up there anyway to check the cyst, so it was a given...