39 week appointment and update on my breech baby

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39 week appointment and update on my breech baby

I had my 39 week appointment today and if baby was still breech I was going to have to go to labor and delivery for an external version that they had scheduled for me. That is when they manually try to flip the baby on the outside of my belly.

Well, after last week with my cousin who is a midwife trying her own "version" of a version...and successfully flipping baby around to head down...I was nervous all week not knowing if baby stayed that way or if baby flipped around again.

At my appointment, my midwife listened for the heart and it was down low...so I knew that was a good sign. Then she measured and felt for baby's head and did a quick ultrasound in the office just to be sure. Baby is head down!!!!

I am so happy!! I can't believe it. The fact that baby has stayed head down for the past week since my cousin worked her magic is a great sign and since baby has dropped a little, it is also a good sign that baby will probably stay put and not try to flip again.

She also checked me and had to reach up a bit to get to my cervix as I am still at a -2 to -3 station...but she found that I am 1 1/2 centimeters dilated and 60% effaced. Now that baby is head down, hopefully he/she will start putting much more pressure on my cervix so I can start to dilate more and go into labor soon.

She also did a little sweep of the membranes...but doesn't think it will do much as she wasn't able to reach it very well. She said if baby drops a lot more by next week, she will do a better sweep...that is, if I haven't had the baby by then. I am going to try a lot more walking and hope that helps baby to engage and drop down more and hopefully help me dilate.

We cancelled the version and I got to go home right after. I am just so happy about this turn of events as I was pretty anxious and upset about this whole thing. Now baby just needs to stay put and start dropping. Hoping I have the baby this week sometime, but who knows. I may actually go to my due date with this one which would be a first as all my other babies have been 6-8 days early.

Anyway, just wanted to share my good news! Smile

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Oh! I'm so happy that your babe decided to turn for you! YAY!

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Glad the baby is head down now! YAY!!! So exciting!

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Awesome! Biggrin Great news!

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HOORAY for a head down baby!! Such good news!

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Yay for head down baby! Hopefully not much longer now!