3rd trimester!!!

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3rd trimester!!!

WOOHOO!!! We hit the 28 weeks mark today!!! Its all downhill from here!!

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YAY!!! I cant wait!! Smile I am already ready to give birth LOL I think bc I FEEL like I am in my 3rd trimester already Wink

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I saw this thread title and my eyes bugged out!! LOL!!!

I can't believe 3rd tri already!

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YAY! This pregnancy really is going by so fast! I need to get on the ball with what we need and organizing!

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I know I was telling my DH the other day that we only had 4 weeks left until the third trimester. It feels like only yesterday we found out we were pregnant. I remember being pregnant with DS seemed like forever.

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I pointed this out to DH this morning and I thought he was going to spit is cereal across the table at me! lol It's so hard to believe it's coming up so fast. This pregnancy has gone so much faster than with DS. I feel like I have a list a mile long of things I still need to get done/ready/purchased before little man gets here. I'm just not sure when I'm going to have the time!

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Yes we are all getting closer and closer to having our babies! Only a litte more than 2 more weeks until I hit 3rd trimester. It has gone by fast for me also but also sometimes it seems like August will never get here. I just can't wait until I have my baby!!