41 Week Appointment *Update*

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41 Week Appointment *Update*

41 weeks and (despite what my ticker says) 3 days aka 10 days overdue. I wish wish WISH I could tell you girls some happy update news but all I've got are dark clouds over here.

Ive been contracting, cramping and having on again off again blood show basically since my 40 week appointment which means I have been SUPER uncomfortable. It feels like I have been in labor limbo stuck in 1st/2nd gear for 10 days and it is really taking a toll on me in every way possible. Physically, I hurt SO BAD. The tendinitis in my wrists is so bad that in the morning I can barely hold a door knob or grasp a blanket and my sciatic nerve is basically locked into a painful and crippling spot until I have been up and about for a few hours so I am doing this weird hunched over walk that Im sure looks super sexy. Couple that with the exhaustion of start and stop again contractions and you get my immense frustration with labor pains that just won't stick! As a result, I find myself falling asleep periodically through the day, literally unable to hold my eyes open because my body has been in this labor suspension work out. I swear, my body just finally has to shut down. And as much as I hate to say it, the worst part is that things are finally taking a toll on DH and I. He's had 10 days of me in pain, 10 days of me breaking down crying when it becomes too much and 10 days of wanting this baby to come out so bad. So now we are both frustrated with each other and ourselves. I feel like there is this growing grumpy distance between us and Im so aware that now is still when I need him most and especially once labor really gets going. Yet the more I worry over DH and I, and try to think of ways to resolve that distance, the more I think I end up creating. UHG!!!

And, because that just wasnt enough crummy stuff...

Yesterday I went in for my 41 week appointment. I am 2 cm dilated, no change in effacement (so about 30%) and my cervix is good and soft. Babys HR was 152 and my weight and all that jazz remain good. Then we did the NST (Non Stress Test), where they monitor the babys heart rate and movement for about 20 minutes. I tell you, baby would NOT move around. She gave me three little kicks of annoyance and then nothing. So my midwife pumped me full of sugary juice and all that did was make me VERY nauseous and jittery. *sigh* I am really trying not to stress about this but it is hard. My midwife said as long as baby is kicking at home, she isn't worried. But I have to tell you, she didn't look not worried to me. She mentioned that during the 3 times baby did kick, her HR dipped a bit. Not what I want to hear. So today I go for an ultrasound to check amniotic fluid levels and then my MW wants to try to NST again. Im so so so anxious that we will have the same issue and what then? Does that mean something is wrong? I don't know. I asked my MW and she just said "Don't worry, she'll move around". Uhg. I love you but I really would have liked an actual answer this time. And as for the ultrasound, im sure everything will go fine but of course because I am feeling so mary sunshine these days, this voice in my head keeps saying it won't be. That my fluid levels will be low and something is wrong and *breathes* Im so worked up I dreamt last night that my baby was a little bird and I accidentally smooshed her Sad


If baby has not come by Sunday, I will be induced. Plain and simple. That will 42 weeks and the end of the road. If she is not here Thursday, my midwife is scheduling the induction appointment in case I need it. So today I need to write out a list for the "just in case hospital trip" regarding what I want and don't want (ie dont cut the cord till its done pulsing, no pacifiers, keep the placenta, all that stuff). Ive pretty much resigned myself to the Sunday delivery at this point because if I dont have something solid to focus on, Im going to lose it. DH is pushing me to take castor oil this week as a last ditch effort and while my MW is also supportive of its use, I just cant bring myself to. I know it can kick start labor in a pretty aggressive way and I just dont like that plan. But at the same time, is the pitocin going to be any better? Plus if I end up in the hospital I know Im going to end up playing the pitocin/epidural game and I also know my chances for a C secion go way up. Soooo...yeah...my brain hurts with juggling worries right now and Im sure that is doing NOTHING to help labor.

So again, sorry I don't have much positive news. I guess I do have one little happy note and that is that my MW says she thinks the baby is 7-8lbs which is BLISSFULLY better than the 10lbs I was fearing. With her being so late and honestly with DH and I both having been bigger babies, I was sure I was going to be in for it with this little girl. Now lets just hope she is not all sneaky and tucked in back just making herself look small!

Will update again after my u/s today. Please send me good vibes because I'm in short supply over here. In the meantime Im going to try and relax and let go of some worry and eat lots of protein before my NST in hopes of that getting her moving.

*hugs to all the mommies!*


Well yesterday I had my ultrasound and second NST, and I am happy to report both went very well. Baby has a good amount of fluid around her so no worries there and she was much more active for the NST which gave me some much needed relief. I really appreciate all the feedback and boy did I need it. I was feeling so discouraged and it was taking a serious toll on me. But DH and I are both feeling better after yesterdays good report.

My MW is planning to schedule my "just-in-case" induction for Sunday and like I said, it helps knowing that no matter what there is an end in sight. In the meantime she has started me on a regimen of homeopathic supplements (cimicifuga and caulophyllum) to take today and Saturday and we are all keeping our fingers and toes crossed. Its crazy now having to go into a sudden mental gear shift and start writing out a hospital plan. There is so much I havent researched or thought about since I was so sure we would be going with the birth center. SweetPea, your list really helped remind me of some things I would have otherwise forgotten to write down so thank you very much for that!

I don't know what route we will end up having to go but I keep reminding myself that as long as baby gets here healthy then I have done my job. Im learning I have to let go of my preconceived expectations because labor/delivery doesn't care what nice neat tidy little plans you have laid out. In general though I am feeling much better than I was before.

Im honestly less concerned about the medication intervention as I am about having to L&D on my back which I was so so so against. The whole hospital scene just unnerves me because all I think about are bright lights, beeping machines, nurses coming in and out and feeling like I am basically some specimen with my legs in the air. But again SweetPea, your list helped remind me that I CAN make certain requests and if I have to, insist on many things. I know I am going to have to put on my big girl pants and not let myself get pushed around and DH is all revved up to be my advocate.

If you don't hear from me again before Sunday, hopefully I will be updating next week from the other side of this crazy ride!

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Do you have a pump? IF you dont, (TMI) DH could always act as a pump A friend of mine was in the same situation you are in... labor kept coming and going, and she was just miserable. She also didnt want to do the castro oil for the same reasons. So, one night when she was having contractions she pulled out the pump and hooked herself up... I believe this was around 8pm that she started... She would do 5 or so min on the pump, 5 or so min. off. Her daughter was born by noon the next day. It was just enough to jump her labor into active labor. Also, if you can, maybe see a chiropractor??? If your pelvis is out of whack it may make it harder for baby to get in just the right spot to kick in actual labor. My DS1 was sunny side up... so I contracted forever, and just never made any changes on my own because he never got into go position on his own.
As far as the NST goes, if your amnio levels are low then I'm guessing that your MW would induce you sooner. My DD's were low and I ended up being induced because of it. She also may not be moving around as much because she is all out of room to move. Doesnt mean that anything is wrong with the baby, or you, just means her time is coming that the world holds more room for her to grow than your uterus Smile
Good luck, and hang in there. One way or another all babies come out. Soon all of this will be just a distant memory, something you look back at and chuckle about Smile

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Awww...I am sorry you are having such a tough time. It really can get frustrating when things aren't looking very good as far as labor starting goes and you go past your due date.

This is probably easier said than done...but the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby right now is to try and relax and calm down. I know its hard to do that given all the circumstances, but a lot of times our bodies will clam up and sense fear or worry or stress and not allow labor to start. If you are able to relax and try to rest, your body will sense it and hopefully things will start happening.

I would not worry about baby not moving as much during the NST. Especially since you are overdue, she doesn't have much room to move around anymore and movement slows way down near the end cause they are so crowded. I am sure baby is just fine.

Were you planning on trying to go all natural or were you planning on getting the epidural? I was induced with pitocin and didn't get an epidural and was able to deliver DD2 without any complications. If you set your mind to it and baby is in an optimal position, there is no reason why pitocin and/or epidural should cause you to get a c section.

Try not to stress. Just keep in mind that there is an end in sight if you get induced this Sunday, and perhaps you will go on your own before then. Sending lots of calming vibes to you...and I hope baby comes very soon. Good luck!

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Oh, I cannot imagine how frustrated you are! T&P! I hope everything still goes as you want in the end!

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I am so sorry for all the pain and frustration you are in. With DD's pregnancy, I was high risk and had 2 NSTs a week from 28 weeks on and it was always stressful for me when she wouldn't move a lot. The pump may be a good alternative to caster oil (or DH if you don't have a pump ;)).

I agree with Kimia that an induction/pit doesn't have to mean a c/s. Yes interventions raise your risk for it, but with a provider and nurses that understand your wishes, they'll likely do all they can to keep it that way. The fact that you're body's already progressing makes you far more favorable for induction. I think focusing on the date is a good thing to keep you from going nuts, and maybe it will help you relax enough that baby will take care of the rest.

I hope all goes well at your NST today. Thinking of you!

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I'm sorry that you are having such a hard time with this. But I agree with the ladies above - induction does not necessarily mean c/s. Both of my previous pregnancies were inductions, and both went very well and ended in vaginal deliveries and healthy babies.

If you do end up having to go to the hospital, having your wishes written down in a birth plan is very helpful. If it help you at all, I will copy and paste my birth plan here so that you can use pieces of it - it may be easier than starting from scratch. Now keep in mind, I planned a natural hospital birth - not a home birth - and many of the things (like no IV) are not possible with an induction. So use what you would like, and leave what you don't. Smile

in the mean time - hang in there. The more you can relax about the birth, the easier it will be for your body to let go and allow you to go into real labor... I'm thinking of you!

Birth Plan for Melissa __________
We are looking forward to celebrating the birth of our child with the staff at _________ Hospital. This “plan” is an outline of a best-case scenario. We are open and flexible to any medical intervention that may become necessary in the case of a medical emergency. If at any point Melissa _______ becomes incapacitated, ___________is to make all of the decisions concerning __________ and Baby.
1st stage:
• We plan for a drug free birth, please do not offer any meds. If medications or an epidural are desired, we will ask.
• A nurse experienced in/or pro natural child birth would be appreciated.
• I request a labor room with a tub
• I request the right to eat or drink if I am able, or so desire
• I request the right to move about freely
• No IV or hep-lock unless complications arise
• No visitors during labor, please ask first if there is someone who would like to see us
• Intermittent monitoring please
• I request a quiet and dimly lit room
2nd Stage:
• No directed pushing please, unless it is to prevent tearing. I will push when I feel the urge. Please do not count.
• I request the right to push in the position I am most comfortable in.
• I do not consent to an episiotomy
• Immediate skin to skin contact please
• Delay cord clamping for at least 5 min please
• Delay weighing/measuring
• Delay antibiotic eye drops/ointment
• No vitamin K shot, I will be taking vitamin K supplements and nursing
• Breastfeeding only, no formula, sugar water, or pacifiers to be given
• No vaccines to be administered at the hospital
• Parent to accompany Baby at all times
• Newborn exam performed in our presence
• First bath we would like to assist
In the event of complications:
• PPH- I prefer aggressive uterine massage and nipple stimulation to pitocin or misoprostal, but if my care provider thinks either are necessary, he/she may ask for my consent
In the event that a caesarean section becomes necessary:
• I would like my husband present.
• I would like to be awake if at all possible
• I would like to have the drape dropped so I can witness the birth.

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It sucks that all this is going on for you! Try and reduce those stress hormones by focusing on the positive - you cups be a mom on Sunday!!!! You will get to meet your baby for the first time!!!
Good luck and do what feels right / follow the advise of your mw.
I am looking forward to pictures!!!

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aww, I cant imagine how hard this must be for you.

You need a glass of wine and a long hot bath! Sad ((hugs)) hope things start for you soon!

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I just wanted to add my castor oil stories to let you know that it really isn't as bad as you sometimes hear. I have used it with several of my babies and those were my easiest deliveries by far. Yes, the contractions came on fast and hard, but the labor was quick. I know there is concern about baby having a BM in utero with castor oil, but that wasn't the case for me. And from my reading it is found more in overdue babies (which I know that you are).

I hope you go into labor on your own soon and are able to avoid the induction. In my personal experience I would much rather take castor oil and deal with any ill effects there than to have pitocin--contractions with that are awful! Best of luck!

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I'm so happy to hear you are feeling better since the NST and BPP!! It's so nice to just check in on them sometimes and get confirmation that they are indeed just comfortable in your little home and there's not a problem.

Have you seen or been seeing a chiro? If not, find one that is experienced with pregnancy and get in to him/her ASAP!

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Red labouring on your back - I had hospital delivery with both my kids and my recent delivery with dd with a doctor in the hospital was on my side until the final couple pushes. Also because it was fast there was not a lot of people coming in and out to check me out. With DS there were more people checking me out but I suspect that it you tell your mw and advise the nurses you did my want residents etc theymight agree. (my mom is a maternity nurse and did say that her biggest complaint is that during training everyone is trying to get the knowledge and experience they need so they are all fighting for the chance to do exams on patients).

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Glad you are feeling a bit better about the induction. I know it's hard to accept a different birth than you'd imagined for yourself.

If you have questions about a hospital birth a great resource can be the L&D nurses at the hospital you are going to deliver at. I'm sure they won't even mind if you come in (as long as they aren't too busy with laboring moms/babies) and ask whatever questions you want.

Once when DH and I went in for a weekend NST in the L&D a nurse sat down with us and covered all the questions we had not got to ask the Doctor. As far as birth plans and hospital stuff they are really knowledgeable. And it never hurts to meet them beforehand!