41 weeks pregnant - only pregnant person left?

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41 weeks pregnant - only pregnant person left?

First off, I'd like to give a shout-out to my ticker for making me still feel good and not "overdue" Biggrin

I'm 41 weeks pregnant today. I will celebrate by getting a BPP hahaha!

Yesterday I had a S&S, I don't feel like it did anything. I haven't felt remotely different since having it. Who knows how much longer I'll be pregnant. I think my August baby wants to be a September baby! haha

Anyone else still pregnant, or am I the last one?

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you are it girl!!!

perfection takes time Smile

good luck at bpp!

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August took a couple of mums from September, at least 2 sets of twins (maybe 3 by the end of today) so I think it's only fair we steal an August mummy back!!

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wouldn't be my first September Birth Board! hahaha! My DS is a Sept '10 baby.
Maybe I'll come introduce myself.

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Please do come say hi!
Pretty sure I remember stalking you when I was waiting for my Dec '10 baby. Biggrin

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Smile Don't feel bad... I ended up having July babies & my 40 weeks was yesterday (30 Aug) lol...they arrive in their time, not ours. Good thing your little one is baking, taking time...no premee stress for you!

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I suppose you still have time left in August but I think September is a beautiful month to have a baby! It sure is warm too!

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off to September I go hahaha.

I'll still be here! You ladies are awesome. I still can't believe I"m the last one pregnant. 41+2 today. I guess it could be worse. I made my mom go over due by 16 days... so really this baby is just paying me back for how overdue I sent my mom lol

I'm really not that bitter. I'm just more exhausted. I've been having "false" labour, which is quite draining. For the most part I feel great, and my attitude is positive (though, that can change in a heartbeat hahaha so watch out!).