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Sorry, it is very busy around here.
I had my antibiotics...then they broke my H20 at 10:30...and I made it to 10 by 12:30...then they had me "hold off" at 10cm so he would come down...I could feel him with the contractions "down there" and KNEW I was 10! (you will know!!!)
My epideral didn't work...after 3 doses, begging, praying...etc. he was crooked and sitting on my pelvis...WORST.PAIN.EVER. I wanted to die. (they said they'd give me iv meds, but I wasn't going to do that) It was just too much...thankfully, what seemed like 11 hours...it was just one hour of the pelvic/contraction issues...10 minutes of pushing. (he had the cord around his neck tight...Jonah had it 2x, Josie 1x...)I labored w/ Jonah w/ my epideral that wore off...and it hurt but this was so much worse....HORRID! If this was my first, it would of been my last. The nurses were grabbing my legs and so was hubby...I told them to NOT touch me...that I would find a comfy place and I would get him out...I guess I pushed all of their hands...lol. (OOPS! You don't give a S(i& when you are in pain like that...haha) I apologized to everyone including hubby... The dr. kept helping him down...and I PLEADED for her to GET OUT...
I am in a lot of pain..stage 2-3 tear w/ stiches, pelvic issues from him hitting/sitting on it...I opened another hernia...so I have 2. Just grouchy and tired...haha. BUT so so so THANKFUL that Abram is OK and doing wonderful.
He had a bunch of blood work for jaundice...back and forth to the labs...it is still high so we are checking again next week...but it isn't dangerous high...so he should be good to go...he is just sitting in indirect sunlight.
Anyway, Abram was 8#8 oz, 22 inches long...He is a very CHILL baby:0) He is so handsome...full head of dark hair...all my kids were fur balls:0) The nurses were so excited to comb his hair out.:0)
He stayed with me in my room the whole time, all but for his circ. and for his bloodwork, I went with him.
All of the kids love him...I am very thankful for him!!!!
I know I am forgetting a lot, but it hurts to sit at this desk...lol...and my kindle isn't fun to type on! HAHA.
Best wishes to all the mommas!! Sorry i have been MIA!

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Welcome little Abram! :sleepyboy:

I hope you have quick recovery from all the drama, Momma!

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Get some rest Momma, that sounded like a lot of work!

So glad Abram is here! can't wait to see a picture Biggrin

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Glad Abram made it safely! I can't wait to see pictures of him! Hopefully your recovery goes smooth!

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Thank you all! Will post pics soon:0)

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Sorry you had such a rough time, but congrats on your new, beautiful little boy!! I can't wait to see some pictures!

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Congratulations!! I'm sorry it was so rough... I hope you can recover well and get some rest (yes, really)! Smile