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Abram Pictures

Sweet Dreams


My Handsome Man

Abram Sleeping

One more picture

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OMG! I LOVE all the dark hair. He's adorable! I wanna snuggle him so bad.

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Spiderbaby! Wonderful shots! I love the yawn. :sleepyboy:

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OMG, what a cute CHUNKER! Biggrin I love love love the hair!!

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Oh he is so precious!!!!!! I love the top picture of him "smiling"... Smile

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Love the hair!!!! It's so cute...as is he. And love the spiderman onesie too. Where did you find that?

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Great pictures! I love his hair and his cheeks and eyes. He is so cute.

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Adorable! Smile

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Oh my goodness he is SO cute! Lots of dark hair. My DS would certainly love the Spiderman onesie! lol. Thanks for sharing!

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OMG so sweet, I want to nom his cheeks.

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Such a cutie!!!

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YOU'RE KILLING ME with these adorable pictures!!! I just want to come snuggle him so bad, he is so adorable!!!!

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Thank you ladies!!!!!!!!:0) He is very snuggly!!!!:0)