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Liam has been full of gas the last week or so. The doctor at the maternity clinic suggested Ovol Drops and/or for me to give up dairy; however, he's not breast feeding enough and I'm not eating enough dairy as it is for that to have an effect.

I switched the bottles he was using because it seemed like he was taking in too much air. He does seem to be doing better with the new bottles.

We had our first follow-up appointment with our family doctor yesterday and I talked to him about switching the formula. I was using Similac Advanced because this is what the hospital had been using and I figured it would be a good idea since he was somewhat used to it. Yesterday, after the doctor's appointment, we started using Nestle Good Start. I know we'll have to give this a few days to see if it makes a difference.

The last two nights, Liam's been awake for most of the night and it's apparent that he's having gas pains. Could the switch in formula cause gas pains before it gets better?

Today, he's only taken an ounce at a time and then falls asleep for a couple of hours and does the same thing over again. Is this normal? He's usually taken three to four ounces at a times and slept for a few hours - including, during the night.

What's a normal feeding schedule for an infant three weeks old? I'm not sure what to be expecting at this point so every little change causes me anxiety!

I also feel like he's having issues with bowel movements. How often should I be seeing a soiled diaper? I feel like some days he has a few and then none on other days.

I just feel totally helpless because I can't fix this for him and just want to get a sense of what's normal/typical for infants at this stage and what everyone else is experiencing with their little ones...

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I am not much help because we are b/feeding.... but we are having some gas pains here too. Bailey is a night-pooper - likes to poop mid or end of most night nursing sessions. (But spits up if I try and change her if her belly is full and not yet settled - tricky!). Frequently she has been waking up around 5am (in between feedings) with gas pains that last up to 45 minutes and end once she farts or poops. It is tough - she nods off to sleep and then howls. So I did start using Ovol drops during her night time feeds - who knows if it is what is working but she has consolidated her gas/poops with her feedings the last few nights so that has been a positive improvement. As for how many diapers (again we are b/f so different than formula) - she is pooping anywhere from say 3 times in 24 hours to 8 times. Today was fewer times - like 4.

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We've been using Little Tummys Gas Drops and they've been a big help

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DS1 had alot of trouble with formulas at first. He had alot of gas and issues with pooping, he would scream when he was pooping. It was terrible. His pediatrician at the time suggested we try Enfamil Gentlease and we did and he stayed on that until he was done with formula. I think Gerber has a Goodstart kind that is similar to Gentlease. I am not sure how good it is or how alike to be honest. I would give the new formula a few days for sure.

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To add to the thread, how often are your babies sleeping during the day and night?

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I don't know specifically about formula feeding as we don't but even my bf babies get pretty gassy. I use Gripe Water, it's our life saver! I switched to using that with DD2 after not getting any help from regular medicine gas drops and it's the best. Noah is pretty gassy the last couple of days so I've been rubbing his belly in a clockwise motion (always go clockwise as that's how the bowels run) every chance I get. If he's happy when I'm changing his diaper then I keep him up there naked and rub his belly like that. I've been making sure to feed him when he starts to stir instead of letting him get too hungry. For example, sleeping in his swing is great because he sleeps so sound but he can't wake himself as easily in there so by the time he wakes up to eat he's starving and gulps really bad which I think is adding to the gas so I've quit letting him sack out in the swing. I take probiotics to help him since I bf but you can get capsules from a chiropractor and add the powder to a bottle just as easily. I also took Noah to the chiropractor yesterday afternoon, I try to take my newborns every two weeks but I was behind a week and I think it shows. He's been less gassy today than he has been the last two days. As far as formula I don't have any relevant experience but these are the things I've done that have helped my newborns that you can also do with a ff baby.