Advice needed RE: Formula...

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Advice needed RE: Formula...

So I was packing up a rubbermaid box of extra things to keep at daycare (in home provider) so I am not dragging everything everyday plus the twins.... well, my friend said why are you packing formula? In California, daycares get paid by the state to provide it. I said really, I didnt know that... so I asked my provider and she said yes she does but she does not buy different formula she only buys Kirkland brand (Costco brand I think?) and if we want specific formula we have to provide it. So here's the cut and dry on the advice I need... We are obviously seeing the financial impact on our household with twins, formula is roughly $25 a can and they each go through a can in under a week, and thats for now at 3-4 oz, not when they increase to 6 and 8. So I feel like we are paying all this money into daycare, lets reap the benefits of having her provide their formula while at daycare. On the flip side, both of my babies are a little on the sensitive side... well Bella less so than Anthony. I ended up putting him on the Similac Sensitive to reduce his gas and spit up. On the one hand, I want to at least give her formula a try to see if they can tolerate it (would help us out ALOT $$). But I dont know if I want to risk it upsetting their tummies. A selfish part of me thinks well, worst case scenario they are gassy and fussy for a few days- best case scenario, it helps us on having to provide her with all this expensive formula. Your thoughts? I go back to work next Monday Sad

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:lurk: I would totally give it a try. As long as they're not on sensitive at a DR's direction or something it's be silly not to try it. That's a huge financial impact.

P.S. Wish my state had those laws!

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Seems strange that if she is getting money for formula she would not allow you to just pay the difference between the lower cost option and what you want to use - I mean, it is the same amount of work for her whether you provide it or she provides the alternate brand, it still means she is not simply feeding all the kids the same and that she has to make a couple different kinds. If you provide the kind you want then she is just pocketing the money the govt is giving her which doesn't seem like what the law would have intended.
(Maybe I am misunderstanding).