Anyone else irritated?

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Anyone else irritated?

Just in general.... I have my moments, of course ... overall, I feel really good for being 31 weeks and having twins up in here! BUT... I guess since I have to be so professional and whatnot at work, I come home tired (and the 70 mile commute DOES NOT HELP!) and I feel like I want to just lay down but cant bc I have kids to feed, rides to give (DD has summer bball and both DD's have dance) and on the weekends - more games to chase after and dance and community service... and I know I have mentioned this all before but I am really starting feel b**chy!

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After chewing DH's a$$ last night, I left and went to the grocery store and drove around for a bit while I settled down. It was massively helpful. I am not usually this b!tchy at the end of pregnancy or ever really but man it's getting bad right now! I have had the shortest fuse and after dealing with children all day long I just want a break in the evening but DH is busy on the remodel so he can't help and it's all left on me and I'm really feeling the effects of it as is everyone in my house. So, yeah, I can sympathize with you. It's also currently 102 degrees here so that's not helping with anything, there's nothing we can do outside without melting or burning to a crisp and the heat is making me growly.

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Yes! DH pointed out in the car last night coming home from shopping that I snap at DS for the littlest things. "Mommy there's a bug on my window!.....Ger over it!" I feel bad about it. During the days it's not as bad, but come 6pm I'm so ready to be done. Luckily DH seems to do a pretty good job of stepping up most nights. Like PP we hit 100 degrees yesterday and it's supposed to be near the same today which makes it impossible to go outside and do anything. Even the pool was out because to breath was suffocating. MIght have to go to the mall and let him run if nothing else.

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Yes! It has been so hot and I've had this horrible chest cold so I feel terrible too. I work in customer service for wireless carrier and listen to people talk about their "problems" all day... and I don't have nearly the patience I usually do with customers.

I'm pretty sure DH is feeling it too! lol

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Yes - I've noticed that I just have far less patience with DH and kids than usual... ;p

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YES!!!! I'm feeling like that too...super B$(&*Y!!!! I snap my mouth a lot...and feel bad.