Anyone else starving?

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Anyone else starving?

This LO has me eating every 3 hours! Today has been specially bad..just can't seem to keep baby fed. I'm afraid of what it's going to be like when I'm further along, am I going to have to eat every hour? I'm running out of things to eat too!

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YES! I guess that is why I am up five pounds in 12 weeks! haha

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I am not starving but I am happy to star having some appetite back and some desire for food. I was not feeling like eating or grocery shopping or cooking for the first 3.5 months so I am glad to be feeling more normal. With DS I lost 10lbs in the first trimester which I gained back in month 4! With this pregnancy I have took the anti-nausea pills for a month or so and as a result I did not lose any weight- to date I have gained 2 pounds (in the last week or so). I have not been exercising much these last two weeks either since we have been struck by a cold in our house which is making the rounds and zapping everyone's energy.

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I was starving all throughout the first trimester. I ate a lot every two hours and would wake up in the middle of the night starving. I couldn't eat enough, I never got the full feeling, and miraculously, I didn't gain even one pound!
Once I got into the second trimester I had the opposite where I really wasn't hungry at all. Funny because now I've gained a pound Smile
I think it must be growing spurts and you just got to go with it!

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I'm just happy to be finally getting my appetite back. I wasn't nauseous in my first tri, but I definitely had no desire for food.

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I could eat all the time, always hungry and it never stopped with my other pregnancy's haha

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even if BF DS and being pregnant I've been so nauseated that food does not seem appealing. I'm finally getting an appetite back and it's a goo thing. Hopefully I'll be able to gain back some of the 10lbs I've lost in the past 13 weeks!

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I am too! The thing I've noticed though is that it doesn't matter how much I eat in one sitting, I'm still hungry in about 3 hrs. So I just eat a very little bit each time. Then I feel less guilty coming back a couple hours later. So far it's worked, I was only up 1 1/2lbs the entire pregnancy so far.

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It's not that I'm starving, but I feel like I'm eating constantly. I can't eat very much at once any more - I get full really quickly now days. But I have to eat every hour or so or I start to feel icky. I've been keeping my purse, backpack, and desk & fridge at work stocked with granola bars, fresh fruit, and greek yogurt... and I have bottles of water EVERYWHERE...

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I'm actually having the opposite effect. This baby seems to be sitting higher or pushing everything up into my chest already and when I eat.. it makes me feel so full it hurts. lol.

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If I don't snack, I'm starving; but, like PP, I'm also full quickly and feel like my stomach is in my chest! It really doesn't take much to make me feel like I want to blow! haha