Appt Update and Random Things

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Appt Update and Random Things

So I had an OB appt. yesterday and with it had my repeat u/s since the tech couldn't get a good shot of Baby D's heart and face last time. The baby looks fantastic - measuring right on within a day or two of gestational age. He was still being difficult, but the tech managed to get what she needed - heart looks great, cord looks great, baby's face looks normal, and fluid levels are perfect. I finally got an u/s picture of something more than his penis ROFL and got a "sort of" profile shot. He's positioned in almost exactly the same way he was last time, which has me worried a bit, but I'll worry about ti more if he's still the same way at 36 weeks. He is laying with his head up under my ribs on the left, and bum down with his feet and hands up over his face. *sigh* Heart rate was 156. Smile

As for me, my BP was low, as usual, and everything else looks good for the moment. I'm only up a total of 3 lbs. for the whole pregnancy. I have my glucose test scheduled for three weeks from now (ooh - I can't wait! :puke: ), and then I start seeing my OB every 2 weeks after that! I can't believe it's that time already!! And just today I looked at my ticker and freaked out a bit - only 98 days to go!!

At my appt, my OB brought up induction again - told me that he would be willing to induce at 39 weeks or anytime after again and that I should think about it - I let him know that the thinking's already been done and that I plan to wait it out and go natural this time. He's slightly disappointed that he's not guaranteed to deliver my baby, then, since it will depend if he's on call or not, but he said it was just selfish reasons... LOL So it's great that he's on board with my wishes this time around. Smile

Anyway, that's it. Still freaking out that we are under 100 days and we HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED CONSTRUCTION ON THE ROOM. Seriously, it's not stressing me out or anything - really!! :fallingbricks: :teethchatter: :spooked: