Appt Yesterday and a few Q's

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Appt Yesterday and a few Q's

So yesterday I had my 14 week appt (a day early). I haven't gained any weight yet - I'm actually down 2 lbs so far, which is weird since none of my pants fit anymore and I have transitioned to my "comfy" pants already. But I guess it's all due to shifting... lol. My OB isn't worried that I haven't gained anything, especially since I was so sick during the 1st tri, and because I am overweight to begin with.

We got to hear Baby D's heart with the doppler, all was well. I had some mysterious bright red bleeding Monday morning, but since the heartbeat was easy to find, and there hasn't been anymore bleeding since, I should be all good.

I have my next appt scheduled for March 14th, at 18 weeks. My big ultrasound is not scheduled until April 11th when I am 22 weeks because my OB is going to be on vacation for a couple of weeks. But here's the best part: since I am dying to know what we're having, my doc is going to do a quick u/s at my next appt to see if he can find the gender out for us then!! YAY! I love him... ROFL!

We talked with the doc about it all, and decided to turn down all genetic testing and the quad screen this time around. Though I'm close to that magical age of 35, DH and I realized that there is just no reason for us to do any of it since it wouldn't change anything for us even if we had some alarming results.

I do have a question, though, that I forgot to ask yesterday. When do you typically have to do the glucose test?? Isn't that somewhere around 18 weeks?? I can't remember, and he didn't mention anything about it yesterday.

Another thing I forgot to ask - I plan to return to taekwondo next week. I plan to, of course, be very careful and not overexert myself, and make sure that I don't participate in the contact portions of the sport. But there is no good reason that I shouldn't do it, right?? I quit going during the first tri because I was so sick and the thought of any physical activity made me want to vomit, but now I'm ready to go back to exercising and activity because I'm sick of feeling like a gross lump on a log...

Anyway, sorry for the long ramble... I just have a lot going on right now! LOL

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Like you I am actually down a few pounds and my midwife has said if I don't gain any weight the whole pregnancy I am golden (because I'm on the heavy side to start with she says I have all the weight I need to carry my baby to term just fine. Which is a relief because Im not extra hungry or anything). So now that I am past the first trimester I am also returning to my excersice to keep my weight down and stay healthy. She says as long as I am not dieting, I'm doing great. No weight gain but a growing tummy. Color me happy!

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I asked my doc about the glucose test at my visit last week and she said if everything else is normal they usually don't do it until the end of the second trimester around 27-28 weeks.

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Glucose test is at 28 weeks. As for returning to class I'd call and ask. My OB is pretty good about returning calls (or the nurse is) and who knows sometimes even the receptionist get those questions so much they know.