ARGH! Heartburn!!

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ARGH! Heartburn!!

I have been fighting heartburn since the beginning of the first trimester, but OMG, this is ridiculous! My heartburn is so bad some nights that it actually makes me feel like I am going to throw up. I've tried eating blander foods, I take Tums when it's absolutely unbearable, but nothing is working!

Is anyone else battling this so badly right now, or have any magic suggestions or solutions??

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I had it brutally with DS2. nothing worked, and it was so painful there were times I thought I was having a heart attack, seriously. The only thing that worked for me was Zantac, the super strength one, I think it's 150's. try the lowest one first to see if that works. My doc and MW both said it was fine to take.

Good luck. Everything I ate would give me HB and diet choices didn't make a difference.

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Diet choices helped me some with DS: no tomatoes, no fats at all, no butter, no sugar, certainly no chocolate at all, small portions.... Somehow I still gained over 40 pounds though. I did a lot of walking instead of eating, and that too helped. Night time was the pits.

With DD, no heartburn at all. Go figure.

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I have not experienced heart burn, yet; but, I have been told to keep Tums in my purse at all times! haha