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Arrival Preps

How is everyone coming along on the preparations for their LO's arrival? I feel like I have done alot yet there is still so much to do. I have the crib and changing table set up. I have the two car seats, double stroller still in the box standing by. I have enough onsies I think for 0-3, 3-6 months but I need pj's and stuff... I have several things but still need a list full of things, including a dresser and rocking chair (something to help me while I am attempting to breastfeed two at a time LOL)....

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Prep for baby: All I need is baby! All the stuff I need I still have from DS. I will have to pick up some NB diapers and get the double stroller from my sister's house. Other than that, just need a baby!
I have the carseat, the baby will sleep with me for the first while so I won't need the crib until DS is successfully transitioned into a toddler bed. Even then, I plan to co-sleep for at least 6mo. I don't need any bottles because I'm breastfeeding again. I have all the sleepers from when DS was a born (they're all whites, yellows, greens...).

Prep for birth: I need to pick up stuff for my homebirth kit. I'll be doing that gradually from now until the baby is born. I was lucky with my son, my sister's put together my homebirth kit as my shower present. It was so amazing!! It was full of everything I needed. Even though I ended up hospital transferring, I was so grateful for that kit and used practically everything in it anyway! Even if I was planning a hospital birth this time I'd still want to put a kit together just because of how awesome it was after baby was born.

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Prep? I know we have NB cloth diapers somewhere, but my BF?s parents have bought us 2 months with a diaper service for the first 3 kids so they will likely do it again. Just have to call the diaper service a month ahead of time.

Birth kit ? should get some stuff, but honestly I think that the bendy straws are the only thing that I?ve used in it since I prepared for DS#1? Honestly, my births have been so quick that I haven?t needed anything in it ? oh, I did use the Depends for a couple days PP, and the absorptive pads were handy, so I?ll have to get some of those again too.

Clothes ? have tons from the first 3! Plus, if baby is born early enough in August (following DS1 + DS2?a lead) then I won?t need too many. Spend a lot of time with a naked baby doing EC in those first couple weeks.

As for a crib, the first three co-slept for at least 10 months, so I have ages to figure that part out. DS#2 took the longest and he was about 17mo when he left our bed. Could deal with a bit earlier to tell the truth. Currently DD and DS#2 share a room, but we?ll see what?s happening in a year or so?s time.

In terms of a stroller, we?ve used a ring sling most of the time and DD is really almost outgrown that (though she likes to go in periodically). She is a very independent and active almost 3yo and she is quite good at listening most of the time. We?ve been lucky and never needed a stroller yet.

Honestly, I think that baby could arrive tomorrow and we would be fine (except that baby would be WAY too early ? so baby stay inside for another couple month OK?).

The only thing I need to work on is all the projects that I want to get done pre-baby? Lots of big ones, and they require physical activity (planting a windrow about 150? long), a permaculture course and projects, a permaculture volunteer client who?s yard I will be redoing, and another project? All that on top of 3 kids, DH and a full time job? Oh, and helping to organize a large music festival that occurs in mid-June.
Writing that out makes me tired. No wonder I?m exhausted!

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All I need is a car seat. I've picked it, just waiting for a good sale. Smile

Closer to the birth, I'll pull out the baby clothes and rewash them. Same with cloth diapers. But I have it all and know where it all is, so no big deal.

I do still need to prepare my homebirth kit, but I won't start that until later as well.

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I havent thought much about preps for the birth - maybe since I am not doing a home birth? The last two times I just packed an overnight bag - something to wear when I leave the hospital, hygiene gear, pads, and thats really it. I laid out the baby's stuff the last time just so DH could bring it when we were released but I didnt bring anything extra special... but def something good to think about - or should I say remind me about Smile

Glad to see you ladies are well on your way to having your LO come home! Smile I still have a ways to go - I guess I should have kept everything from DD#2 and boxed it up just in case but I hate having extra stuff just there - mostly I think bc we are a military family and we have already moved twice since her birth (she is going to be 5 yr old in a few months)... but its all good whats done is done, or should I say whats gone is gone Blum 3

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The furniture was put together last night! Besides that, we have the stroller and the car seat. We have a WAYS to go in preparing for this baby's arrival!

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Well, we are currently in the middle of our garage/purging sale... LOL. Once the sale is over, we will donate all of the leftovers, and start organizing to make room for the baby's room. once that's done, we get the contractors in to get the room built. Then we have to decorate. But we have so much that we need already - we did some early shopping, and got a lot of hand me downs from my exSIL. Big items that we still need to buy are the crib mattress, dresser, and chair or bed of some sort for us when we are in baby's room. So besides the construction, we are in really good shape. Smile

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I still have a lot to do. I got the carseat down from the shelf in the garage the other day and cleaned that from top to bottom. Washed the fabric parts and soaped and rinsed the plastic parts.

I went through one box of baby boy clothes, but didn't find much 0-3 stuff. Will have to look in all the other boxes for the rest of the boy stuff. And need to find the girl clothes also and have it on hand. Since we are being surprised, I will need access to both sets of clothes so I am prepared when I bring the baby home and don't have to rummage through everything when recovering.

I may just go through all my boxes and pick out all the neutral stuff and wash that, so I don't have to wash all the boy stuff and girl stuff in advance. Yeah, that is probably what I will do. But either way, I still need to find the 0-3 months clothes for both boy and girl and have the boxes in a place that I can easily access so that I can focus on those when we are home.

We just barely moved DD2 out of the crib in December and moved her into DD1s room. We temporarily put a twin bed in the babys room for my mom to stay in when she came her after he stroke for a bit. We just need to move that bed back down to DS room and bring the crib back up. It shouldn't be too hard. I also need to get the bassinet ready but probably won't set that up until the beginning of August as it will be in our room for the first couple of months and I don't want it to be in the way this early as it isn't necessary yet.

Still a lot to do, but I am getting started at least.

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I have nothing to do except for get a homebirth kit put together, even then, I can buy a pre-packed one from the MW and they only charge you for the supplies they paid for, not to make a profit off of it. I will need some newborn sleepers since DS2 was supposed to be the last and I got rid of all his 0-3 month stuff, plus this one is going to be a surprise so I'll need gender neutral things, but I'll hit up Once Upon a Child for that stuff; their newborn stuff is in great shape there Smile I think that's it. we have a bassinett and a crib; DS is currently using it but baby is usually in with me for 6 months or so anyway. I wish I could afford a king size to co-sleep, our Queen, DH's size and his ability to take up a WHOLE freaking bed, stops us right now, it's just not safe. Sometimes I would take DS2 downstairs when SD wasn't there and c0-sleep in her double.

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We got quite a bit of baby stuff.

I am however curious - what do you guys put in your birth kits or hospital bags (for those not homebirthing).

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Hospital bag:

Loose comfy change of clothes to wear for going home in
Slippers and bathrobe
toothbrush and toothpaste
my own pillow
extra pads
cell phone and charger/camera and extra batteries
cds to listen to during labor and after
books to read
journal to write about experience
outfit for baby to go home in
Some things for DH if he is staying with you...toothbrush/toothpaste, jammies, snacks, etc.
I can't think of anything else. I know I will add more to my list as I get closer but I have pregnancy brain right now. Hehe!

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I now have the crib and mattress, dresser, change table, stroller, car seat and ordered a swing and bouncer! I'm adding to the collection! haha I'm heading out this afternoon to look at different options for bassinets, monitors, carriers, etc. I'm not really sure what I definitely need for when the baby arrives. I'm sure some of these things I can always pick up after he's here. What are everyone's thoughts on things definitely needed for when baby arrives?

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I'm currently looking for a bassinet. I realized that there is no way the room is going to be finished by the time my LO gets here, and that the pack and play won't fit in my bedroom. SO, I need a bassinet. Though I don't want to buy a new one - they seem like such a waste of money because you only use them for a short time. So I'm looking for a used one, or to borrow one. I thought about a Moses basket, but the only place I could put that is on the floor, and with two cats that just doesn't seem like a good idea.