Baby girl Bailey has arrived!

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Baby girl Bailey has arrived!

Baby girl Bailey was born at 145am July 30 in sprint labour in honor of Olympics. Labour started at midnight. Got to hospital at 120 and 25 minutes later we were all done. Pics tomorrow hopefully.* 7lbs 11oz. Quite a differen experience than last time 9hours which was considered fast). No time for anything mores an laughing gas - and boy did I suck that down!!!!!
Pics and birth story when I get home. Off to sleep now while baby is sleeping.

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Yay congrats. Sounds like an awesome birth Smile

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YAY! Congratulations! Smile

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Congrats!!! Yahoo

Welcome to the world Bailey!

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Congrats and welcome to the world!

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Welcome tiny Canadian! :sleepygirl:

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WTG Bailey! Can't wait to see her pics!

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Congratulations!! WTTW Bailey! I can't wait to hear more detail and to see pics!

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Wow! So fast! Now that is what I call the ideal labor...don't have to do it for too long. I would love something like that this time around. Smile WTTW Bailey! Looking forward to pics and the full birth story.

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Lurker from June 2010- congratulations, Jaime!! And welcome to the world, Bailey! Oh, and congrats to Will for becoming a Big brother. Smile

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Congratulations momma!! Happy babymoon!!!!

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Thanks everyone! We are doing well. The labour was more intense than with DS but the recover has been better so far.
I have posted the "birth story" in the sticky thread.
Good luck to everyone with their deliveries!

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