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Baby Talks

I am visiting family this weekend with my mom and sister for my cousin's baby shower tomorrow afternoon and today the topic of babies came up over and over. People just kept talking about us having another and when we have another and on and on and also sharing their own experiences. Both my mom and other cousin went through several fertility treatments for several years to have babies. They were talking about the devestation of AF when you are TTC and it was like someone was stabbing my heart Sad It has been a rough week ...

I kind of just wanted to be like we are working on it ... but we decided together not to talk about it to everyone until we are pregnant and in the clear. Our biggest fear is that our families won't want us to be having another while still in school, but after this weekend it seems like most of my family would be excited, so that was good to hear.

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I'm sorry you had to go through that sweetie. It's hard when people are constantly talking about it and maybe even putting pressure on you when you're already trying and are already going through enough. A few weeks ago we visited family and my BIL, SIL, and MIL, not to mention my SIL's family who was also there decided to bring up me and DH having kids. They kept saying it should be soon so their kids and our kids will be close in age. SIL knows we were planning to try but hasn't asked us how it's going or anything which I appreciate since it's hard to talk about anyway. Her mom wanted to know when we were having kids and I just said "eventually". I mean what the heck do you say to that when your MIL is sitting right there and would have WAY too many opinions about it. Just makes it harder sometimes. I know how you feel. Hopefully though you'll have your BFP soon and all will be right with the world. Smile Good luck sweetie! :bigarmhug:

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everyone asks all the time when we are going to have another most of my family knows we are trying since i had the m/c back in april but others dont DH has said we are working on it lol I just say when the big man upstairs decides

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Next time someone asks when you plan on another, say about 9 months after the hpt comes back positive.