Bad Cold

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Bad Cold

So I have a bad cold...
It has moved into my chest. I'm coughing up _______. (stuff) It hurts...and gives me contractions...and then hits my "reflex" and I throw up...sorry TMI.

Im calling the Dr. tomorrow...but wondered what I can take...something that will break it up...?
It is hard enough to sleep/breathe w/ out having this dang cold.
So glad it is NOW and not when Abram i s here.

I hate taking meds... I have sniffed Vicks a few times...and used saline for my nose. When my fever was high I took some tylenol (1x) and it seemed to help it.

Thanks for reading...:0)
Last time I got sick I was pregnant w/ dd2...and it lasted for 3 weeks.

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I've been lucky enough to not be sick during this pregnancy! Sorry I can't be of any help! I hope it doesn't stick around too long for you, though!

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Hang in there! I had a horrible sinus cold earlier this pregnancy and it hung on FOREVER. Just keep yourself nourished, take vitamins, and make sure you get lots and lots of sleep!

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Lurker from July- I got sooooo sick about 2 months ago and I was like you coughing so hard I would throw up, fever etc. I finally broke down and went to th Dr after like 4 weeks of feeling crappy. I had a sinus infection and needed antibiotics. They also gave me some prescription cough syrup so I could sleep at night, which helped immensely. You are allowed to take regular Sudafed,( not the PE kind) and Robbitussin DM, which has an expectorant that will help break up what is in your chest. Maybe just try taking it at night to help you sleep? If you are really suffering though I would say go to the Dr. And hopefully they can get you fixed up real quick! Sorry you are feeling crummy, that is no fun while preg.

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I'd keep up with the saline solution and drink water, drink water, drink water, drink water.

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((HUGS)) thank you all so much!

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Hope you get to feeling better soon!! I hate being sick, esp now when you are super limited on what you can take and everything!

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Hope you feel better soon and keep us updated!