Bad Fruit?

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Bad Fruit?

Ok this may sound stupid but I thought today as I was eating a bowl of cut up fruit that I bought at a store..... what if the fruit was bad? Like had E.Coli or something like that... anyone else think of things like this? What would it do to the baby and would I know that I was sick?

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If you panic about everything that you eat, then you'd never make it out of pregnancy sane. lol IF it was bad, and you got some sort of food borne illness, you would definitely know pretty quickly... upset stomach, vomiting, possibly fever onset, etc...

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I dont think of it when I am eating fruit, or even most foods in general.... but when I see sick children out, I freak out! Like at dance class, another mother brought in her younger children and the poor little one had a bad rash on his face. Well I had an incident where I was at a brithday party a couple months ago and one of the kids there turned out to have Fifths Disease like 2 days later. I never heard of it before that but it is apparently dangerous to pregnant women and I had to get blood tests and watch for symptoms and so now I see something like that I wonder - am I going to what they have? And normally I am not worried bc I dont get sick easily but when your babies are in danger it puts a new spin on things... I have been somewhat paranoid this whole pregnancy anyway.

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When I was pregnant with DS I had a freak out when they came to spray for bugs at work. I didn't know if it was safe or not and they could only tell me something like it was shown to cause bad effects in baby elephants. I was so distraught.

Luckily nothing happened and my OB calmed me down but I think sometimes we all have a little irrational fears.