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Becoming Mom


Hello! My name is Christine and my happy baby daddy of a husband is Alec.

We have been trying for about a year to get pregnant and were not feeling very optimistic as I was dealing with polycystic ovarian syndrome and had stopped ovulating. I had been on medication for OCD and Bi-polar since 17 and after we got married I knew it was time to start getting off them so I could start trying for baby. Detoxing was a nightmare and then we found out about the PCOS Sad The doctors first recommendation was to drop some weight. I lost about 20lbs when my cycles started back up and I was peeing on a stick every month!

In November 2011 I was starting to get suspicious as nausea was creeping in and my period was no where to be seen. So I took my first test of the month and it was a big fat NEGATIVE! So i left the test on the bathroom counter and thought nothing more of it. Fast forward to the next day, Thanksgiving, and I was straightening my hair to get ready to go see the family. I happened to glance at the same test and was shocked to see it was now a big fat POSITIVE! I called my husband in to make sure I wasn't crazy and immediately took another test. Sure enough, we had our second positive. What a way to celebrate the holiday!

We went ahead and told our family at dinner because they all knew we were trying (and I have several cousins at various points in their own pregnancies). Getting to tell my grandmother especially was so important to me. I was so happy we got our positive when everyone was in town!

The following day we went to the doctors and they did another urine test. To my COMPLETE DISMAY it came back negative. I cried so hard, felt so awful I had told our family, it was just the worst.

Later that night my nausea came back with a vengeance and I was so sure of what I was feeling I took my third test (a different brand this time). Sure enough it was a resounding POSITIVE! I showed my husband and he knew we were definitely expecting. To be sure I took another test the following morning and yet another one (our third brand) later in the day. All positive! The doctor had said it was possible our test in their office may just not have detected my low levels of HCG.

I should be about 6 WEEKS in and we are DUE Aug 6, 2012. Our next appointment is not until 12/12. In the meantime I will be working on developing a good eating and exercise plan and looking into my birthing options. I am very hopeful that I can get in with our local birthing center rather than using the hospital.

I have a lot of research to do!


11-29-11: Well arg! My hubby has just started a new job (new job, new car and new baby all in one month!), and his insurance does not start up until May 2012. So Im sort of in limbo land. I have my heart set on this great Birthing Center, but I can't afford the out of pocket cost. So today I have started the battle of getting signed up for Medical benefits (which the center accepts). If I have to wait until May and then use our big main hospital to deliver...uhg. Thats my plan Z. I dread the thought of giving birth on my back. Id much rather be in a nice big warm tub with my own music playing and my hubby rubbing my back. Lets just hope Medical doesn't take 8 months to get back to me! Stay tuned....

12-9-11: Well after a few days of pink/rusty spotting and some tummy pain I called my doctor who told me to head to the ER. I really didn't want to because I don't have my insurance yet and I had a doctors appointment scheduled already for Monday. I thought I could just wait but the not knowing what was going on was KILLING me and causing lots of tension between hubby and I. So I went to ER and they got me in very quickly for a urine test, blood test and my first ultra sound.

I am happy to report that we saw LO on the screen! I had previously thought I was 8 weeks along (due in July), but it turns out we are only 6 weeks along (due in Aug). My HCG levels where at 25,362 and so I'm hoping to head to my doctors appointment today and hear that number is just continuing to go up. They think the bleeding could be from a Subchorionic Hematoma which if that is the case will need to be monitored. I'm trying not to let myself get too nervous about that and just focusing on the positives, like seeing that little baby spot on the screen!

12/16/11- UHG! I hate hate HATE being between insurance!! I went in to some routine and super basic blood work to check my hormone levels and because I am pending with medical, it was going to cost $500 and I just can't swing that. It is so frustrating. These are basic things that I can't do and the feeling of lack of control is just the worst. While I am fairly confident that medical will eventually kick in, there is still the "what if" fear in the back of my head. My OBGYN is only taking me for 30 days while my insurance is pending and if by then it hasn't been approved, Im out on my own. *sigh* I guess I just can't get hung up worrying about the worst case scenario. Keep thinking good thoughts for me ladies :goodluck:


12/12/11- (...) Well this visit was super routine and pretty boring. I only met with a nurse practitioner and they just did a urine test, took a massive medical history, recommended a flu shot and a TB test and did a full physical and pelvic. Because I am waiting on insurance they couldn't do much else which was a pretty big bummer. I had an US on the 9th so they are not in a hurry to do another one until I am a few weeks further along. My next appointment is supposed to be another exam with a doctor and then a consultation with a pregnancy counselor. Im hoping for an US at that point and maybe even some heartbeat action. Wish me luck!




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Congrats! I'm due 8-3! So glad to hear that things are looking good so far. Keep up posted!

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Congratulations to both of you! Sounds like it's been a long road - I wish you a very HH9M and look forward to getting to know you!

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Congrats to you two! We found out on Thanksgiving Day too! We had also been trying for over a year and that was our first positive which was almost hard to believe when you've seen so many negatives. We're due on August 2nd.
I hope all works out quickly with the insurance. How did your appointment go yesterday?

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Congrats and welcome to the board, I cant wait to get to know you and "meet" your bundle of joy! Biggrin

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"ngrue" wrote:

How did your appointment go yesterday?

Sorry it took me a while to get back to you! It was fine, pretty routine and no new info or us Sad which was a bit of a bummer. But I guess things feel even more official now! I think part of me was worried I would go in and they would just say "Oh silly, you are not pregnant". But nope, still pregnant!