Belly pic and DH painting nails!

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Belly pic and DH painting nails!

First off, for those who are trying to get DH to do something, push for painted toenails! I finally got mine to do it. I think the only reason he gave in was because I reminded him it would save $30...and if they truly turned out bad I would just go to the salon anyway. So here's proof to push yours into it! My football obsessed DH painting my toenails!!!

Also my latest belly pic, taken Saturday before going to see The Dark Knight Rises. 38 weeks and 1 day

Of course walking into the movie DH was like "No going into labor while we're here please." We watched it at the Navy Pier IMAX, so that would have been bad. But I made it. BIL and SIL went too. SIL said it would have been great to stand up at the end and my water break right then. Would have been funny, and would have felt really sorry for whoever had to sit there next since the seat would've been wet, and the Pier's IMAX has been sold out since tickets went on sale. One of the 400 people attending would have a nasty surprise!

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you look fantastic!!!
Woot for DH painting your toenails! My DH got me a gift certificate for a pedicure for my birthday. I think he was trying to avoid painting my nails again this pregnancy (he did it for me with DS)

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You look fantastic! Biggrin Glad you made it through the movie...

Oh, and hey, I showed DH the picture of your DH painting your nails on Saturday and he still said no go... *sigh* I told him that everybody else was doing it - why shouldn't he?? Lol

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LOVE the pictures!!! TFS!
You look fantastic!
Looks like hubby did a great hubby won't paint my nails...but my 5 YO did for me...they aren't perfect, but everytime I look down...I smile:0)

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I figured even if he did terrible, it couldn't be much worse then my attempt to bend over and try to reach them...and I could always pay the pros if needed!

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Love the pic of DH painting your nails. That is awesome that he did it! I really doubt my DH would do it, but I think I will ask him. Not sure if he would do a good job though as he has never touched a bottle of nail polish in his life. You look great also!

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I got DH to paint my nails once early on. I am so in need of a pedicure, especially since I've just been wearing sandals. My fiver year old DS wanted to paint them so I let him, it was more like a toe painting than toenail. Blum 3

Great belly picture! Did you enjoy the Dark Knight Rises? I have never been a big Batman fan but so many people are seeing it.