Beware: Pregnant and Cranky

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Beware: Pregnant and Cranky

Apologies, but I need to vent.

I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but I have the SHORTEST fuse lately. And patience is at a zero. I feel like I am being such a jerk to everyone I encounter but when someone starts talking to me, I just want to throw up my hands and say "STOP! I don't care!". I went to my parents tonight with DH and all I wanted to do was be a wallflower on the couch and have everyone go about their merry business around me, thus allowing me to interact at my own discretion. But no one got the hint and I was just this preggo B*#@& on the couch glowering rather than glowing. And my family is all being really understanding and my DH is wonderful letting me just go off and vent when we get to the car...but yeah...Im just a world class jerk right now. But you know what?! Im pregnant and constantly nauseous and I just don't wanna hear it! :blowup:

Please tell me Im not the only one going through a major cranky phase. I just want to be left alone until the next trimester. (PS. None of this applies to you lovely ladies on here. Just face to face socialization is a problem right now).

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Sounds about right to me. The biggest trigger of my temper has been my 3 year old. Love him, but the constant "Mommy!!!" is making me nuts. I just want to turn on the TV and say leave me alone all day! DH makes me nuts too. With DS I had no early symptoms (at the end I had PUPPS), so he seems to struggle with the fact that this time they are horrible. I can't seem to get through to him that all pregnancies are different and this one the early stages are icky!

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I agree!!! I'm very testy and short fused. This pregnancy is terrible...I just get so frustrated so easily. I hope this will pass, maybe after we're out of the 1st trimester???

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OMG, I could have written this post myself. On Friday I told my taekwondo instructor's wife that I hate people right now - so much that I don't want to even be around anyone. And my kids - my poor kids - I have NO patience for them lately... Oh, for this first trimester to be over...

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Yea, I am definitely less patient and more short-fused than normal. I can't wait for this trimester to be over.

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HOLY SH!@!!! TO the 10th POWER!!!! I have been outrageous!! My poor kids - my teenager was in tears and basically told me I was unbearable to be around and my mother told me I should talk to my doctor about it and my DH is freaking out because I am flipping out on him IN AFGHANISTAN over the phone!! I told them I would try to do a better job of controlling my emotions and my b!@#%iness but I can only do so much... honestly, I feel out of control sometimes.... I work all day, come home to do my daily taskers, get my youngest one ready for bed and pre-k the next day wile I am exhausted and nauseous 24/7! And all she does is fight with me on EVERYTHING - brushing her teeth, taking a bath, eating, sleeping - you name it. And my patience is nill! I was actually going to post about this and I hadnt even been on the boards in a few days because I feel so crappy.... 2nd Trimester seems a life time away!!!! I remember being SUPER sick with my first one, emotional (crying at everything) my second one but never b!@#%chy like this. WOW... thanks for the vent and knowing I am not alone!

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Do I have this to look forward to? haha I actually haven't been cranky/emotional. I hope it stays this way!

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I haven't experienced any crankiness or being emotional either, until yesterday! My office mate pissed me off, I got emotional at the doctors with the ultrasound (this was expected though), was happy to go shopping, then annoyed/teary once I got there, craved food, then didn't want it, was super needy and sleepy. I knew it was all bizarre behavior that I didn't like, but I couldn't help it! Hoping this doesn't return again today!