BH Contractions

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BH Contractions

I'm not really sure if this is what I've been experiencing OR if the baby is just pushing out so hard and there's more pressure and tightening... At this point in a pregnancy, what is normal for number of BH contractions, etc.?

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I'm not sure what's normal, but I get several a day, and have been since 12weeks. With DS I started getting them around 18 weeks. At this point in pregnancy, if baby gets overly wiggly it will irritate my uterus and cause a BH.

As long as they're not painful and/or coming in a pattern, you're fine. Just keep up your water intake (because dehydration can cause them) and make sure to pee often (because a full bladder can cause them) and just switch what you're doing when they happen, ie if you're sitting, get up. If you're standing, sit down.

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I've been told that if I have more than 4 in an hour that I should call my OBs office.

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I have noticed, esp with this pregnancy, BH are much worse... if you pay attention, you will notice that BH is a tightening of your abdomen, where as the baby pushing down feels a little different... I have been getting them alot sooner and alot more often in this pregnancy, which they say is normal with twins. Its your body preparing. I also get them more often if I push myself which I get in the mood to clean and start going but boy afterwards I do regret it. I have read that if you start having them - make sure you are hydrated, your bladder is empty and lay down on your side and see if they subside. As Melissa said, if you continually have (after laying down and all that) more that 4 (I was told 6 -but either way) - if its past your comfort level- call labor and delivery or head right over.

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I have them all day long basically. For the last 2 weeks it's been pretty consistent at 20-30 apart throughout the day, and a little more regular at night when relaxing on the couch finally. Nothing painful, but annoying really. My OB said there's nothing worry about until they are becoming painful or more like 10 mins apart. We'll see, really hoping this means I might go early!! It's so hot here, calling for 101 degrees om Thursday....ughhhhh

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"PianomanTran02" wrote:

It's so hot here, calling for 101 degrees om Thursday....ughhhhh

Hope you enjoyed today and yesterday cause it's going to heat up tomorrow and get H.O.T!!!

With each of my pregnancies I've gotten BH's a little earlier and more often so now that I'm on my 4th and I'm 32 weeks I have quite a few in a day. The top of my uterus gets really tight. Sometimes I even have to stop what I'm doing and focus on not tightening up with it. When I was pregnant with my first baby I had no idea that was what it was, I thought she was just pushing out really hard. Now that's I've BTDT I know what it is, although today threw me for a loop. LO was perched really high today and it felt like I was having one really long BH, I think it was the way LO was laying causing it, maybe it was one maybe not but I'm fairly certain his/her position caused it.