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big baby

*I realize to take everything with a grain of salt... but at my ultrasound they measured the baby and recorded baby being in the 70th percentile, and at my appointment last night my belly is measuring 3 weeks a head! Hahaha!
My son was average; 7lbs 14oz. I do have a feeling this baby will be bigger. I don't think by much. Between 8 and 9 pounds.

Anyone else have any sort of indication about the size of their baby?

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I was measuring ahead with all of mine...they say you can have like 2 weeks both ways, because of position.
One week I was 2 weeks behind. (I don't remember which baby and at what week)
As for size...All mine have been big...My Dr. for DS#1(that I will never use again for numerous reasons) said Jonah would be around 7#s...he was almost 10. I was measuring 47.
The dr.s said Abram was they are inducing on the 24th, due to the size of the others.

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If it offers any peace of mind one of my twins is measuring in the 75% and is guestimated at 6.2 lbs and Im 34 weeks! The other is normal for a win in the 33%.......My first DS was 9.15 at birth so I am used to bigger babies----CSection here I come Smile

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They said DS was 7lbs at 36 weeks and that by my due date he'd be 9+lbs... he was born at 40 weeks at 7lbs 14oz lol. I take everything they say with a grain of salt!

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I agree with the grain of salt thing. They estimated DS to be 12lbs. He was born at 7lbs 11oz.

They have said the same things with this baby, both the ultrasounds and the measurements put me about two weeks further than my gestational age.

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I don't put much stock in the ultrasound measurements. 2 weeks ago at my last one they said LO Is measuring about 4 1/2lbs, only the 20%. That was at 34wks 4 days. Which actually would put him about the same as DS who was 6lbs 11oz at birth. Here's hoping!

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:lurk: With my daughter I just *knew* she was going to be really big. My first was almost 10lbs and I had no idea at all they guesstimated he would be 7lbs. But with her I could just feel how big she was and she was just barely under 11lbs when she was born at 38wks. My youngest I knew he would be large but only because of my history of big babies Smile Congrats on being so close to the end!

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I have no idea and the doctor's haven't given me any indication of what they're thinking. I've always measured dead on or a week ahead, though. I'd be interested to hear; but, I know not to reply on their "guesses". Truthfully, I don't think he's too big right now. I could be totally wrong, though!

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I'm not sure that they've even considered checking size for me... all of my babies have been born at 39 weeks and quite small (5lb. 13oz, 5lb 15oz, and 6lb 2oz.) so no one is concerned about it at all in my case...

I'm hoping my baby is seriously just as small - my last was out in 2 pushes! Biggrin

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I actually do have big babies, it's just the way I grow em Smile I consistently measure 2ish weeks ahead, sometimes 3. This baby will be around 9lbs if I go to 40 weeks I'd guess. Dr hasn't guessed, he knows my history of big babies but he also knows I could give two sh!ts less about his guess so he doesn't really discuss it with me LOL.