The BIG U/S Tomorrow!!!!! AHHH!!!!- Updated!!!

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The BIG U/S Tomorrow!!!!! AHHH!!!!- Updated!!!

I am so darn excited!! I can't wait to see what it is! We have 2 girls already and DH is dying for a boy... I am happy with either but I hope he gets his wish.

I went to the ER last night for stomach pain and they did a u/s using a "rolling machine" so they doctor was not able to clearly determine what it was but she did get a "bottom shot"... my poor DH, he was looking so hard...

HA HA!!!

So..... we are having another girl!!! We will have 3 girls total!

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OOH, exciting! Good luck on finding out - I hope baby displays the goods for you! Biggrin

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Yay, hope you get what you want and like pp said the baby shows the goods!

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So exciting! Keep us posted!