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Birth Announcements

How many of you are planning on sending them out? With DS since he was a December baby I put off sending my Christmas cards! We took a nice photo of him edited it in photoshop and sent them with the Christmas Cards. I really want to send them this time, DH is kinda on the fence (everyone will see on facebook, he says). But I have a $20 credit with shutterfly, and if I get the cheap ones we'd only end up pay about $15 for them, so I don't think it's bad. The problem is just choosing one design! lol

If you want the shutterfly credit too just register with similac! Even if you plan on BFing you'll get the promo code! My SIL told me about it, and, well, $20 is $20!

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We won't be sending them out. Family will get phone calls, and then eventually everyone will meet our little one. I will admit that it is out of pure laziness on my part. I don't want to have to gather up addresses, stamps and walk all the way to the mailbox LOL! Maybe we'll do an e-announcement...?

I love birth announcements though. My online-BFF just had twins in May and she sent out birth announcements, they are so sweet!

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I totally want to do birth announcements. Smile I, too, will probably use either Shutterfly or Costco to make them. I have an advantage - since I just got married less than a year ago, I have a fully updated address list, so it will take pretty much no preparation! Wink

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Mine are easy too because I have all the addresses saved in the computer for Christmas cards! I just select the ones I want and it will print them straight to labels. Makes it much easier to send out.

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I hoenstly dont have that many people to send them to so what I did with DD#2 was I created my own on a word document, with picture and all and emailed them out that way? It may be a little tacky but really its just a few close friends and a few family members for us.

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I enjoy doing things in photoshop so I will probably make my own unless I find something super cute. I have a friend that does graphics too.

If I don't have them printed I will definitely e-mail/facebook them and print one out for keep sake or close family

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I haven't really thought about these; but, I doubt it's something that I will do. The people that we want and need to know will find out from us personally!