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Birth Center

Well thats it, Im officially all signed on with our one and only local birth center and I couldn't be happier! My husband and I went on a tour of the facility yesterday and got to sit down with the midwife and go over our questions and concerns. The place just had such a great calm vibe. The rooms have big comfy beds, full bathrooms, birthing tubs, birthing stools and the center has a kitchen and lounge. You basically get to just come and labor and birth under your control with a doula, midwife and RN keeping an eye on things. I love that I will just get to keep the lights low and really focus on my mind and energy on letting my body and baby do their thing. Im also trying to mentally prep myself that while this is my plan A, things may not go that way and I might have to go with the flow and transfer is something comes up. But Im so glad I have the opportunity to utilize this type of birthing environment. And the absolute best part is finding out my insurance covers the whole freaking thing! WOOHOO!!! Just had to vent my excitement.

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That's great! I hope you get the birth you want!

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That is soooo cool! I'm so jealous, I wish we had birth centers around here but my state SUCKS arse when it comes to birthing choices!

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Haha. Right there with you Christa. I don't think we have any birthing centers around. That's awesome that you get to give birth in one. I had a doula at DS's birth and she was awesome!

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That is great! I looked into BC over here and the closest one is about 1.5 hours away if there is no traffic. It would be feasible for birth maybe, but making it to all the appts between now and then seems like a big task.

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this is awesome news!!! I'm so glad you have birthing centers available! I hope you have a wonderful birth.

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Congrats on getting to go where you were wanting. Here's to hoping for a smooth pregnancy so it all goes as you want!

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Congratulations! That's awesome!