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Birth Stories Sticky!

When I logged in I was so excited to see it up there and ready to go! I can't believe it's almost that time! And some of you have dates already for July!!!!! Laying in bed last night I thought LO was tearing my bits apart! It hurt sooo bad that I was certain I would never sleep. With just over 20 days left I know it really could be any time and the wait is killing me...especially with all the pain I've been in.

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I'm so excited for babies to start showing up!

Can I also say how glad I am that I haven't had to put up that board until now (and even then, I only put it up in anticipation!)
Our babies are bakin' real well ladies, keep it up! Biggrin

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I agree with Alison - it's pretty amazing that we haven't had ANY major complications or premature births on our board, so far! I know that many of us are still in the 33-34 week mark, so premature is still a possibility, but at this point, any of our babies would be just fine if they were born now! Biggrin

It IS exciting to see the birth stories sticky, though! It really hit home to me when I was thinking about everything yesterday and realized that in 1 week I will get my Lodge on the Birthing Naturally board! YIKES! And then today to see this - well, time is steaming ahead and I can't stop it, now, can I??