Bloody Show?? TMI - unsure - help!

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Bloody Show?? TMI - unsure - help!

I never had the bloody show or anything close to it with DS1.

On Friday I had a little bleeding and it was my appointment day. When the NP looked at my cervix she said some of my mucous plug was missing and that it should go away within 24 hours or so (the bleeding).

Today I woke up and I'm passing about nickel sized blood clots - alot of them. The do seem kind of stringy and they are dark in color but are starting to get more red.

Should I be concerned or is this just the bloody show? Help!

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Sounds like show to me. I woke up at 6am with that Monday morning and had Drake by 8 that night! Give your doctor a call though if you're worried/just to be safe.