Braxton Hicks but not quite...??

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Braxton Hicks but not quite...??

Have any of you felt some tightening, almost like Braxton Hicks but not quite? Its been happening to me 1-2 times every few days, randomly. After today, I thought about it, its mostly when I am in a sitting position - like driving (since I commute 70 miles, give or take) and at my desk... I am trying to think if its happened at home or not, I am going to pay more attention. I know its normal to some degree... I just dont remember it happening this early in my previous pregnancies... maybe its bc I am much bigger than my previous pregnancies (twins)... Anyway just wanted to see if anyone else experiences this

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I haven't and, unfortunately, I have no experience with this to help you out! I'd like to see what everyone else has to say, though! I didn't realize they were possible this early in pregnancy!

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with DS I had them from 17w til birth (40w 3d). This pregnancy I've been getting them from 12w. I wouldn't worry. Just make sure you're well hydrated and take it easy when they do happen (sit down, put your feet up).

I find my triggers to get them are if I have a full bladder, and when I haven't been drinking enough fluids (such a catch 22. I get them because I don't drink, so I drink, then I get them because my bladder is full LOL)

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Can anyone explain exactly what they feel like? ...

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a painless, tightening of your uterus (sometimes it can be uncomfortable, but they should never be painful). If you feel your stomach with your hand while they're happening your stomach will feel hard as a rock.

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I'll have to keep a eye out for these! haha I didn't even realize they could happen so early! Crazy!

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Typically they happen earlier with each pregnancy. I've had them a couple times this time around, usually when I'm overdoing it.

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I never had these with my first pregnancy. I actually experienced some right around 14 weeks. One person tried to tell me it was too early for such but I actually found some information that my doctor had given me that said they can start as early as six weeks, it's just not usually felt until much later.

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I have also hears they can start around 6 weeks but generally are not felt until the middle of the second trimester or later. I just started getting them day before yesterday and knew immediately what it was just by the descriptions I had read. My uterus got very tense and hard (literally contracted) for about 15-20 seconds. They say it is totally normal and is just your body practicing for labor. You only get concerned if they are a) consistant b) painful c) 4-6 in the span of an hour. I've only had one a night so not worried. They are just a bit uncomfortable and amusing. I had DS feel and he was shocked how hard my stomach got! So crazy! They say (as was mentioned above) that dehydration or a full bladder can trigger them, or also touching your stomach a lot or a really active baby LOL. Best relief is to change positions (if you are sitting, try standing. If you are lying on your back like when mine strike, try lying on your left side). Also pee and drink water. I'm glad I am not the only one experiencing these! Crazy I say again! Lol!

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Yeah, ditto what everyone else said. The nurse at my OBs office also said that since I'd had twins before, I was more likely to start feeling them as soon as 12 weeks because my uterus had been stretched out so far before. Maybe that's why you are having so many so early - your uterus is stretching faster than normal? And also, they are more common earlier with the more pregnancies you've had, so since it is not your first, it's probably pretty normal. Hang in there! Smile

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