Can I come play with you ladies too!?!

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Can I come play with you ladies too!?!

I came out of lurkdom a couple of weeks ago on the July board but I keep coming on here to see what all you ladies have to say as well. My Name is Emily and I am pregnant with my second. The EDD is Aug. 3rd but since my first daughter came 2 months premature and c-section I am pretty sure they will schedule this c-section in July. I went to the OB on Wed. because I was having what seemed like a lot of brown spotting. Because of my poor track record with pregnancies they had be come in and do some blood work. The little bean was doing great! Was measuring on track and the heartbeat was a nice 145. So here I am, still nervous as heck for this little bean to stick and yet so excited of thinking about how to tell our 4 year old daughter that she will FINALLY be a big sister!

Well, I really hope I can get the chance to know all of you ladies over the next 7-8 months! Hope everyone have a wonderful and nauseous free Holiday Season!

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Welcome and Congratulations!!!!

I had some spotting the other day but it was brown too. I hate that though. I bled with my last baby twice in the early months and it scared the CRAP out of me.

When are you going to tell your DD???

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Congratulations! Welcome! Smile

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Welcome! August 3rd is a great's mine too!

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Congrats and welcome! My son will be 5 in January. It's hard to keep any secrets from him and he's been asking for a brother or sister for months. He's really excited and asking alot of questions. I hear it's a good age gap to have because they really like to be little helpers when the baby does come.

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Welcome!! I hope everything continues to go well and that hearbeat stays strong!! It can be scary, I know! Smile

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Welcome! Congrats on #2!

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Welcome and congrats!!! I hope that pesky spotting is gone and doesn't come back.