Can I whine??

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Can I whine??

Seriously, I know I have 6 weeks left, but right now I am SO SICK of being pregnant... I'm just so tired of not having much to wear, being so big and uncomfortable, being so tired, not sleeping well, peeing all the time, being so hot all the time, and having all these stupid pains... and though I love the feeling of having a baby move around inside of me, sometimes after a while I just wish he would stay still for 5 whole minutes! ARGH!

I'm just having one of those days... and DH is sick with a cold so he's miserable, so I really feel bad whining to him...and I just need to whine to someone...


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Whine away!!! It really is stinko weather and you are feeling all those yucky things too. And your DH is sick on top of it all. SO, imagine you are a wealthy star and your help will prepare a nice cool meal and serve it to you this evening. You will have a nanny put the little ones to bed while you watch a movie and go to sleep early yourself. The nurse (male!) will deal with DH. Sorry this is only a dream though.. Wink

Thank goodness you don't have serious health issues though. You will manage. It won't be too long now...and your house renovation has begun!!! Things always seem worse before they get better. Take care!

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:bigarmhug: So sorry you are having a crappy day!

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I am with you! My due date is four weeks from today. Between the heartburn and the constant peeing all night and now a third cold from DS in 2 months my sense of humour is definitely on its way out. I have 12 more days of work. Phewf. Almost there.

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Almost there!

My commute is killing me lately. I walk from my house to the train station, then get on the train, then walk from the train station to my office and back at the end of the day... it's taking a toll, but I try to remember how much I love being pregnant and how much I'll miss it once I'm not pregnant anymore.
It's such a bittersweet thing for me. I LOVE being pregnant and I'll be sad when it's over. But I just can't wait to have my baby in my arms!

Hang in there mama! We'll all have our babies before we know it!

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I, too, am right there with you. I have caught some sort of cold on June 15th and I am STILL sick. Being sick in this extremely hot weather is no fun. I can hardly breathe. The doctor is having me try a different combo of allergy meds so I am praying that works.

I can tell it's taking it's toll too when I sneeze or cough and my DH snaps up, "Can I help you with anything?" lol.

But I know all too soon we will start seeing those babies arrive one by one and this will be forgotten.

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I feel you... I too have 6 weeks to go (well when you consider I deliver NLT 38 weeks having twins) and I am SO READY!! I cant sleep well either - aching hips are my biggest problem... I am def not a side sleeper and it kills me, esp with all this extra weight! The peeing doesnt bother me so much just bc I can get up pee and fall back asleep, if it werent for trying to get comfortable... I am starting swell and I have lots of things I want to do but feel limited to do.... and yes, they are moving like crazy and feel super low to where I feel like I am being kicked in the pee pee!! I hate that, its like an electric shock hits my bladder when they do that I want to instantly pee myself LOL Thank God I havent - although I have leaked when I sneezed, which also hurts haha the things we go through to bring our children into the world - DH will never understand and if we have have boys they will never know and our girls wont know for 20-30 years LOL

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I TOTALLY had one of those days this weekend. I have been fighting a cold for 8 days and with the not sleeping due to peeing I feel exhausted all the time. Then my cold makes me cough which almost makes me wet my pants which annoys me. Then we had house guests (FIL and his wife and step-son) and they were fine guests but of course that is the day DH works an extra night shift and sleeping during the day and DS decides to wake up way to early at 515 all crabby and refuse to go back to sleep. So after climibing in his crib with him for 1 hour (can you picture that) we finally got up. Then DS was crabby from being tired so we went to McD's to have breakfast together while everyone was sleeping (because the spare rooms and couch had sleeping guests so there was no where for us to play quietly). After 45 minutes at McD's I started to feel super ill - you know the exhaustion-nausea. So came home and FIL was awake. FIL is not super comfy with kids but I figured he could wake us or his wife up if he needed help - so I turned DS over to FIL. (FIL took dog and DS for a walk which was awesome). I climbed into bed with DH to sleep - and DH was offended by my snoring so he kept kicking me and waking me up (he had had 4 hours sleep by then only so I felt his pain but).... I finally lost it and told him to go find somewhere to sleep because i was unable to find anywhere and that I was 8 months pregnant and sick and to leave me alone and live with the snoring as there was nothing I could do! Felt better after nap - but then we had to drive 2 hours to visit in-laws who had now moved into their vacation rental for 1 week. (DS hates being in the car for more than 30 minutes). Long annoying trip but nice visit. Then we stayed past DS's bedtime so he was cranky on the way home (thank God for Thomas videos which got us a lot of the way with minimal crying and whining). Then to bed. Ahhhh - thank God. More sleeplessness due to peeing.
The next morning I cracked. I was waiting for DH to get bathed and dressed (we were going to go out for breakfast!) so I was putting away DS's clothes and I just started to cry. I was sooooooooooo tired. It was just weariness. So once DH was out I told him he needed to help me with groceries that day and to let me know what his plan was for the day so I could plan the things I needed to get done (like groceries). He offered that I could go grocery shopping while DS napped - to which I informed I was going to be napping while DS napped - so the grocery offer on the table as a) he keep DS after naps while I shop or b) we all go shop together (or c - he go shop). In the end we all went together after nap time. Then around dinner time we put our boat in the water at the late that is under 5 minutes away and had a nice swim to cool off. (It was our first hot day here - approx 25 degrees which is warm for us).

So anyway - I am definitely feeling it - the exhaustion at times is too much. And sadly it is likely about to get worse once we have a newborn and a toddler and DH is at work! Ugh. Must make the most of it - this is my last maternity year off of work - then I have to work for the rest of my life. Sad