CD Detergents XP on CD Board

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CD Detergents XP on CD Board

XP on CD Board

I know I've seen this posted somewhere, but now I can't find it. If you ladies don't mind giving me a hand with recommendations. Now that I have DS2's dresser I need to wash his diapers! We currently use ALL free and clear for all of our laundry, but I wasn't sure if it's OK to use for CDs. I thought I read that it was, as well as the original Tide, but I'm not sure where I saw that. DH would like to continue to use ALL since that's what we already purchase and get it for a pretty good price.

I know there are lots of ones specifically for CDs, but they all seem so expensive or I'd have to order online and have them shipped. I will do it if neccesary, but like I said, if I can use All that would be awesome.

What do you ladies recomend? If All really is a big no-no, what ones do you like and why. Pros and Cons?