Chicken Pox?!

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Chicken Pox?!



My husband and I have both come down with chicken pox!! Well, the virus that causes it and we've both broken out in itchy bumps all over! Im so worried about passing it to baby and we are supposed to go to a huge family event this weekend where all the new baby cousins born this year where going to get together! Its basically an event full of babies and old people and now Im bringing chicken pox to the table!?! Im trying to decide if we should go and just not touch anyone or if we should NOT go. Its just such a huge and important event. And again, worried about passing this to our baby but Im guessing she has already been exposed plenty. Just unbelievable!

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Wow, I'm sorry!! Yeah hopefully you dont pass it onto your LO and I would tend to want to say if the event is going to have alot of wee ones and elderly, I would stay home Sad

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So sorry! I hope you all recover and do well quickly.
It can certainly be very dangerous to older folks too! I'd stay away. In fact, you may not feel up to going.

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That sounds awful, I"m sorry. As hard as it is to miss events like that, I'd probably stay home too. I'd just worry too much about the exposure for the wee ones/elderly.

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:lurk: I am so very sorry that you are dealing with this now! Since chicken pox can be more severe in adults and very young infants, I will hope that your dh and you both have a mild case only and that your little one gets to skip completely. If you haven't already, given that you are heading into the weekend, you may want to give your pediatrician a call to give them a heads up about your newborn's exposure to learn safe treatment options for her.

I know you are disappointed at the thought of not attending the important family event. Still, for now, I agree with the others above that the risk involved for your other loved ones isn't worth it. Can anyone video tape for you -- or even maybe you can use Skype on your computer / smart phone and get one of your other family members attending to do the same. They can take "you" around to everyone so you can say hello and be a unique part of the celebration?

Hope you get better soon!

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Any update on how things went? I hope you all survived this nasty episode well!