Christened! (pic included)

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Christened! (pic included)

Today we had our little Penelope christened! She did fairly well at the service. She got a little grumpy but I was ably to calm her down. Dh and I thought for sure that she would scream bloody murder when the cold water hit her head because she's not fond of having her hair washed but she handled it very well!!

When Dh and I were married it was at a different church because we're catholic and the priest was the only one who'd marry us w/o being confirmed (we got confirmed 2 & 1/2yrs later to be Godparents to my nieces) well that priest was moved to my childhood church and ended up baptizing our baby! So that was pretty neat and the priest was happy to see that we were doing so well nearly 6 years later! I like that fact that our baby was baptized at the same church that I was baptized at and also where DH and I were confirmed!

Our precious Penelope Jane! 5 and 1/2 weeks old!

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Congrats on your baby's christening. She is absolutely gorgeous. I love the dress! Hope things are going well for you and little Penelope!

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She is so adorable! And that is neat, the family memories within the church community. Smile Congrats!