Complaints?! :)

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Complaints?! :)

Ok my feet are starting to hurt - right through the arches. I have noticed them feeling wider in my shoes as my preg weight and hormones conspire against my poor feet. There are times in the day where I feel I simply must take a load off!
I don't have much else to complain about - my iron is a little low so I am now on supplements, my blood pressure is starting to inch up (I was on bp pills the last couple moths of pregnancy with DS so nor surprise there), heartburn is off and on but managed with tums (pharmacist said papaya extract was NOT recommended for pregnancy).
Oh but the peeing!!!!! I am up 1-5 times at night and am really trying to be firm with no beverages after 8pm to cut down on that. And I find that (with this as my second pregnancy and being someone who has done no pelvic floor exercises other than those that have snuck in during exercise classes) I really have to brace myself to cough or sneeze for fear of wetting myself!
My biggest complaint of all though is that I have just over 10 weeks left only!!!! (aug 4 due date). Yes that is 2.5 months but feels like it will be here in no time! This is our last pregnancy so after this we just sit back and watch our kids grow up!

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I feel you!! Smile I'm sure most of us here could list off quite a few complaints... lol. I have the same problem with coughing or sneezing - fortunately my sleep hasn't been overly interrupted - I can usually make it through most of the night before I have to get up to pee.

But the fact that we only have 2.5 months left is really the kicker... I am ready for the pregnancy to be over, honestly, but we have so much left to do in preparation that I am a ball of stress...

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Time flies and all that! I can't believe how little time is left. I'm feet and hands are starting to swell some now and that makes for a painful night sometimes. Luckily I don't wake up myself at night to pee yet. DS has a tendency to kick his covers off at night, then get cold, and lay there crying until DH or I come cover him up. If I get up to do that then I have to pee before going back to bed.

I've noticed I'm starting to not want food! or at least most of the time. At my MIL's this weekend just the thought of eating most days upset my stomach again, like the first tri all over again. It seems to cycle though. 2-3days of not wanting anything...forcing stuff like fruit down to make sure baby get something, the I'll have 2 days of I eat everything in sight all day long.

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I don't really have too many complaints other than waking up at night to pee. Most nights I wake up once a few hours before time to get up, other nights I wake up every 2 hours or so.

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I'm also getting up to pee a number of times during the night and, during the day, I need to go like NOW when the baby kicks at my bladder! It's no fun! haha I'm still having issues with BM - I could be constipated for a number of days and then the total opposite happens for a couple of days - it's very annoying! I think they're my two biggest complaints right now...