Cool animation of our bodies

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Cool animation of our bodies

Saw this on another board and thought it was too neat to not share. It shows a detailed animation of how everything in your body moves around during pregnancy. pregnancy animation

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this is really cool! Its fun to see how everything moves around!

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NEAT! No wonder we have all the issues we have! Our poor bladder and intestines...along w/ our liver going up!!! LOL! OUCH!

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This was really cool. Thanks for sharing. Smile

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My god - our stomachs end up in our freaking chest... :eek:

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That is awesome, thanks for sharing! What's really freaky is how everything plops back down into place as soon as the baby is out. I remember that first night in the hospital after I had DD, I laid in bed for HOURS without having to get up to pee, it was amaaaaazing!