DH I flattered but ....

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DH I flattered but ....

DH I am flattered but...
So DH is my a fan of the pregnant physique which I was fine with (I was feeling huge and awkward and didn't want to rush the arrival of he baby so I was not pushing for action either). By funny that now that the preg physique is gone (I have lost 20 of my 30 preg pounds in 10 days) - the small nice touches are back (ie where he hugs you as you are doing dishes (and then runs away lest you enlist him to help)). But he has also started suggesting we fool around - yeah, no - I am taking appointments for september. Infant even have a bath yet (which is killing me - my doc said not until all bleeding has stopped). Flattered but not going to happen - in any form.

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omg! It's been 10 days! Give it some time. DH needs to back off. You just birthed a human out of your body, you need a break.

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wow!! good job on losing the pounds! Yeah I wouldn't want to do ANYTHING at this point... ha ha!

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WOAH!!! my poor DH had to wait 6 months after DS1 and 2-3 months after DS2. Yeah, buddy needs to back off LOL.