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OMG, the dreams I've been having just keep getting weirder... and sleep is becoming less and less restful. I don't think I'm ready to be losing sleep already! *sigh*

Anyone else having the same problem?

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Me for sure! The dreams are sometimes weird, sometimes scary, wake me with a start, stick in my mind, or just completely vanish as soon as I am awake. Sleep has been hard for me for the past month already, and its just going to get worse. Especially with the summer heat. You are not alone!

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I don't really dream very much anymore. I did at the beginning of this pregnancy. I definitely don't get much sleep because I have to pee so much!!! ha ha!

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I haven't had any crazy dreams! I'm with PP! I'm up 3-4 times during the night to pee; so, sleep is REALLY broken and I end up tossing and turning many nights!

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I have been having some vivid and strange dreams as of late. I actually only have to get up once or so to pee - if I limit my fluid intake before bed. It's generally right before time to get up that I have to go pee hehe.

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oh oh ME, ME!! LOL I have been having weird dreams on and off now for a few months but the sleep is getting less and less - for me, I think its bc I am a back sleeper and I am not too much a pillow fan ... meaning I like to sleep wither without a pillow or usually just a flat pillow bc it hurts my neck. Now, I am having to sleep on my side - which aches my hips- and bc of my breathing and everything, I need pillows to prop me up so its easier to breathe... in addition to having to get up to pee all the time... and of course my DD is in the bed with me and my chihuahua haha which normally isnt a problem, but now its like all my movement disrupts them and then they wrestle around for a bit once I claim to be comfortable... my thing is, I still have a ways to go yet!

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No really crazy dreams here, anymore! They were at first, but they've seemed to subside. That said, when I do have the occasional one it is way out there, and really vivid. So far I'm still lucky on the waking to pee issue too. If DS sleeps through the night then so do I! But most nights he tends to kick his blanket off, then get cold and yell for me until I cover him back up. I always have to hit the bathroom if he wakes me up.