Dropped Baby?

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Dropped Baby?

So I am thinking this little girl of mine has dropped down into her final position because OH LORDY the difference in pressure and discomfort!! Every little move she makes she is bumping her head on my cervix or triggering a BH with her fidgeting. I've also had a major increase in my sciatic never pain, pelvic pain and oh joy, rectal pain?! Uhg! Not meaning to TMI but it's like she has cut off my colon and couple baby weigh/pressure and now late term constipation?! PLUS THIS HEAT!! Yeah, I'm complaining a lot more! Lol! Thankfully I am also in pretty good spirits thinking that she has wiggled her way into "ready mode". I've noticed her hiccups are lower too now (which she gets like clockwork every night!). Everyone keeps saying this is supposed to be some two week sign but I've read it can vary how soon baby drops before labor. For all you multiple time moms, how soon before labor did your LO make the decent? I'm so nervous because my midwife is going out of town from the 28th-4th (im due the 5th) and so ofcourse, I'm positive that is when I will go into labor. I try to tell myself first time babies tend to go past their due date but DH an I both think our little girl is planning an earlier arrival!

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with DS he got "into position" at 37 weeks. I had a dramatic change in my belly from the drop! He was born 3 days past his EDD.

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I honestly cannot remember when all three of my previous children dropped into their final positions before labour. Wish I could! I just remember in the last few weeks having much more discomfort, pressure, and weight down there on my pelvic bone and walking all funny. From what I have seen, it seems like first time moms tend to go over the due date...

My midwife is going out of town from August 5th-12th and I am praying I don't go into labour when she is gone. Your doctor is cutting it even closer to your due date though. Hope it works out for you and you don't go into labour until your doc is there, whether its before the vacation or after they get back.

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I know that I feel like the baby has definitely dropped down further. Every step is painful and if I have to pee I wanna scream lol. I don't remember with DS how long after he dropped that I went into labor with him.

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My first dropped weeks before I ended up having to be induced. With my 2nd, my water broke with him dropping at 36 weeks. As for DD, she was forced out before she ever dropped. With your first your LO can drop weeks before labor begins. Typically with your consecutive children your baby doesnt drop till labor is closer.